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"Awake" By Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on September 17, 2013


Awake, again

Awake, my friends

Hide your fears, the day awaits

Drink my brain, dire straits

Birds sing inspiring tunes of false hope

Equalizing the sound, The Head Copes

Weights immeasurable mass flattens the masses

Via broadcast, MASTER classes

Gravitate with me down, we have no choice

Gravitate with me now, use your voice

Better yet, use actions with class that suit the suits

Pick their brains not their pockets, that's how you loot

Purge the urge to surge, use tongues not fists, still words pacify our plea

Violence unnecessarily, a necessity, a necessity to live free

Ought value the lovely spirits worthee energy that drift on our vast blue ocean

Steer your vessel strong... make concessions for our world in motion

Hit the soft night with your heads held high

For we awake tomorrow, set to run, set to fly


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