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Awakening: a Last Hero Story Ch. 14

Updated on May 13, 2019
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Author of 'Last Hero' brings a new story in the same universe lost in darkness.

Snippet from Ch. 14: No Shadow Allowed

Slae nodded and as he entered the darkness a heaviness weighed down on him and all manner of evil thoughts filled his head. Corruption attempted to enter his heart and a great rage burned in him, tempting him to blame the Angel for his plight.

He grabbed at his head and fought the horrible thoughts that prodded him, even encouraging him to turn his power against the innocent and the weak. It was strange to Slae that such things would even be in his thoughts, and even as he rejected them it felt easier just to give in, even to kill to appease the tremendous darkness that tempted him.

It only made sense to Slae that he must in fact be walking through incredibly dense shadow-energy. So dense it was that he could not make out his hand, even off the tip of his nose.

The tunnel stretched on for what seemed like an eternity and though Slae did not count his steps, he felt as though he had been walking for some time. All the while his thoughts and heart battled against ever-corrupting thoughts that he feared would plague him, even once he left this place.

When Slae thought he might lose his sanity, light poured onto him, blinding him momentarily as he squinted about the room. The place was simple: a bed, a small table with a flower pot and a fountain of fresh running water. There in the midst of the room was a small man, dressed in white robes.

His eyes were sunken beneath thick protruding brows. His jaw squared and lines of age were drawn across his otherwise solemn face. His eyes were gray and that of a blind man and yet he looked right at Slae. A dark aura hovered about his wire-thin frame, the shadow from the hall trickle-fed the aura about him.

The man's nose was either rotted off or nonexistent, causing him to breathe through his mouth. His ears were also missing along with any hair on his face. He stood perfectly still, arms folding into the sleeves of his robes. He would appear as a statue if not for each breath.

Author Bio

JL Tracey is an avid fan of superhero stories and anime, as well as a growing Christian. When not writing beside a cup of coffee, he can be found fiddling around in his shop or spending time with his kids. Now looking to breath new life into his story, JL Tracey efforts are spent on his Last Hero series, a 5 part story full of adventure, loss, and excitement!


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