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Awakening: a Last Hero Story Snippet Ch. 1

Updated on May 13, 2019
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Author of 'Last Hero' brings a new story in the same universe lost in darkness.

Awakening: a Last Hero Story Book Cover

Chapter One: Awakening Snippet

Slae, spinning about, screamed, "I am here!"

No one was to be found, but before Slae could take another step a voice whispered in his ear, "Come to me." The voice was that of a female, and the warmth of her breath was felt on his ear.

Her voice, unlike the voice from before, was soothing, carrying an aroma that overwhelmed his senses: never had he smelled anything as sweet – He was sure of that, despite his lacking memories.

Slae turned, stumbling backwards at what his eyes took in: a vast ocean, as infinite as the plains themselves. His toes curled to a new sensation of sand, with the appearance of pearls and running from the grass to the endless waters.

The ocean's sky was as different from the sky over the plains as black is to white. Clouds churned and broiled, wresting for control over the grey sky. Silent lightning flashed in purple and orange, breaking through the clouds in mighty clashes. Along with the turmoil of the sky eventually came lightning that pierced the water's surface with thunder so great it caused the ground to tremble.

Large waves rolled from afar yet the shore was calm. Slae, stepping toward the waters, caught a glimpse of his reflection. He was very tall with grayish tanned skin. His eyes were large and nearly solid black; the only thing darker was his hair that streamed down his bare back. He was naked, however unbothered, for he had no recollection of ever being clothed before. It almost felt natural to him. His muscles were wound tight about his frame and his body completely hairless.

Slae moved in toward his image, his mouth gaping. Something seemed out of place, but he could not quite put his finger on it. This was what he looked like, yet he had no memory of it.

Author Bio

JL Tracey is an avid fan of superhero stories and anime, as well as a growing Christian. When not writing beside a cup of coffee, he can be found fiddling around in his shop or spending time with his kids. Now looking to breath new life into his story, JL Tracey efforts are spent on his Last Hero series, a 5 part story full of adventure, loss, and excitement!

© 2019 JL Tracey


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