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Awakening: a Last Hero Story Snippet Ch. 5

Updated on May 13, 2019
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Author of 'Last Hero' brings a new story in the same universe lost in darkness.

Chapter 5: Evil Hidden in Shadow

Slae contemplated what the Angel of Light had told him; the story playing over and over in his head. He knew she was right, but how could he just move on? He even wondered how much she truly cared about the stress he was under.

Slae pounded a nearby tree with the side of his fist and looked out through the forest. His frustration swelled and he hit the tree again which shattered at impact causing the rest to topple over. He took a deep breath and relaxed, looking skyward at the thick forest canopy, remembering he needed to simply do what is right. Though, he could not help but wonder if it would ever get easier.

Slae stood and began to make his way through the woods. As he did, he glanced over his shoulder with a watchful eye. Something disturbed him, a sense that he was being followed. He had not seen anything, but felt a presence in brief instances. When he did, the presence was foreboding and dark. It felt to him like a menacing and rabid animal threatening to overtake him in the wake of tremendous bloodlust. Then, there would be nothing, sometimes for hours.

Slae felt anxious over the sensation and a cold chill swept through him. The ability to sense others was still new; yet, he had quickly gleaned the difference between malcontent and good. Even so, everything he felt was always human. Whatever sought him now was far worse.

Then the presence came again, stronger than before. A shadow whisked by, brushing his neck and the shadows danced in the forest, appearing as though they were living. Slae grabbed at his neck, an image of fanged blades tearing through it overcoming him and for just a moment, he felt death come upon him.

Unable to bear any further torment, he yelled out, "Show yourself!?"But no response was yielded to his demand.

Author Bio

JL Tracey is an avid fan of superhero stories and anime, as well as a growing Christian. When not writing beside a cup of coffee, he can be found fiddling around in his shop or spending time with his kids. Now looking to breath new life into his story, JL Tracey efforts are spent on his Last Hero series, a 5 part story full of adventure, loss, and excitement!


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