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Awesome Marketing Techniques To Promote Your Self-Published Book

Updated on December 20, 2015
Sundaymoments profile image

Mr. Matthew Q. Dawson is a native Texan. He spent his childhood and young adulthood residing in Austin, Texas.


As a self-publishing author, marketing is one of the toughest tasks to conquer. It is during the marketing stage, the self-publisher quite often struggles to lock down a substantial marketing technique that is profitable.

This article will help the self-publishing author develop marketing strategies that will be long lasting and profitable to use for years down the road.

Throughout this article the author will find some online as well as offline marketing techniques that will be successful as well as time productive:

Online Marketing

The internet has become the engine of success for those who thrive on marketing. To find online success, the marketer cannot be intimidated by the mass power of the internet. Though the marketer needs to have knowledge in order to gain substantial marketing success; one can expect to accomplish success as long as he/she is willing to dedicate the necessary hours that it takes to build an online marketing plan that is long lasting and profitable.

To build a successful online market; the marketer must look at the internet as his/her blueprint to success. First the author should sit down with a pen and pencil and start writing what he or she thinks the intended targeted population should be to gain the appropriate exposure for the genre the book author has written it in.

Once the author has set the online targeted perimeters, it is time to begin the research. Use the internet as a tool to find the appropriate online marketing channels that would be most profitable for your chosen genre and book venue.

Research your books subject, through your research, find people who would be interested in your book, look into places that would be a target market for your book, look for appropriate online groups to place links, banners, as well to discuss your books subject matter.

Once the author has accomplished his/her research sits down and develop a daily online marketing schedule. Within this schedule, it is essential the author places the websites he or she intends to visit and the amount of time he/she wishes to spend on each website.

While formatting the marketing schedule, it is recommended that the author designs a well thought out marketing plan that wraps around discussion material. By following this type of plan, the author will have already built a strategically laid out plan that has discussion ready to spark an interest in his or her own book which ultimately lead to others sparking an interest in the book and asking for the U.R.L of the book.

Forums and Reviews

One of the most valuable tools that an author can use to enhance their writing abilities is book reviews. Authors can utilize these reviews to sharpen their ability to produce high-quality content as well as to promote their own work.

Forums are another excellent way to promote their work and existence as an author. Forums are a place for self-publishing authors to make their presence known by offering their expertise within the writing community. Though most forums are a group of other authors the self-publishing author is still gaining well-needed exposure as a reputable and credited author.

New self-publishing authors fail to realize each time they implement their name on the World Wide Web they are inserting a position on the S.E.O. So each time the author promotes within forums it is at the utmost importance that he or she also add their name or books name within the forums posting.

Offline or Traditional Marketing

It is extremely easy to forget that traditional promoting also works remarkably well as a self-publishing author. I have seen many authors struggle to gain the marketing exposure that is needed to have a profitable sales margin due to the lack of offline marketing. Remember marketing success comes from exposure. In saying this, a self-publishing author cannot just use the online marketing venues. It is vital that the self-publisher has plenty of exposure both online, as well as, offline.

Web sites and Banners

As an Author, your name and book (s) are a branded name. Your book is a product that others desires to purchase and your name is the producer of that product. In order to gain success, the author must make every effort to be visible and available to the public. The harder it is for the public to find the author (The Brand) the harder it is going to be to gain the needed sales for the book (The Product).

The first step a self-publishing author should take is building an author’s website. Within the website, the author should allow the reader to know not only his/her professional side but also their personal side. Readers like to know about the brand they are choosing. So the more the self-publisher allows themselves to be exposed the higher the chance the author will have in gaining a higher sales margin.

Banners are another fantastic way to promote your book (s). A product in the grocery store would not be known if it was not for the billboards and neon signs. It is the same for the author. The more banners the self-publishing author pushes out online the higher visibility the author will have. Below are a few places the author can place their banners:

  • Facebook
  • Blog sites
  • You’re Emails
  • Banner ad networks
  • Advertising agency

Another great way to use your banners is by banner website swaps. Let me explain what I mean. Many fellow self-publishing authors also have websites, and they too need publicity. Approach the author with the intent to offer them a banner trade. Both authors will put banners on each others website.

These are just a few ideas to use in the marketing of your book, however, if the self-publisher uses them they will find themselves beginning to climb the latter of success.

If the author will stay away from the normal marketing strategies rather thinking of unique one of a kind promotional strategies they will find that marketing will be more profitable than what they thought.

Consistency Equals Professional Longevity

One of the most crucial keys to remember in marketing as a self-publisher is to remain consistent with your marketing. Remember the more the author markets the more exposure he or she will gain. If you only spend 30 minutes a day marketing, then you will only get 30 minutes worth of marketing exposure.

As a self-publisher, you are the lone ranger. It is your job to do 100% of all the work. Time management is going to be one of the vital keys to gaining and maintaining professional success as a self-publishing author.

If the author expects to gain success by limited marketing then they have set themselves up for marketing failure. Remember the more time the author spends marketing the more exposure he/she will gain.


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  • Sundaymoments profile imageAUTHOR

    Matthew Dawson 

    5 years ago from United States

    Silver Poet you are most welcome just to let you know I will be publishing one article a week on the subject matter of marketing. So please be on the look out for more articles publish by me in regards to this subject and many more articles on Self Publishing and gaining success.

  • Sundaymoments profile imageAUTHOR

    Matthew Dawson 

    5 years ago from United States

    MsDora I thank you for your feedback! This article is the start of a series that I am preparing to publish! So please let me challenge you to come back once a week as I will be publishing one article a week on the subject matter of marketing.

    God Bless


  • Sundaymoments profile imageAUTHOR

    Matthew Dawson 

    5 years ago from United States

    Thank you Dennis... This article is the start of a series that I am preparing to publish! So please let me challenge you to come back once a week as I will be publishing one article a week on the subject matter of marketing

  • Silver Poet profile image

    Silver Poet 

    5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I have asked lots of people about marketing. I'm glad someone took the trouble to explain.

  • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

    Dennis AuBuchon 

    5 years ago

    Thanks for this hub and its information. When you self-publish and even when you do not the author has the major portion of marketing activities. Publishers today do not have the money to apply to every author who publishes with them. It is true that some publishers offer some tips on marketing but it is up to the author to initiate marketing activity. This hub is a great resource of tips and activities to use in maketing for any author. I voted up, tweeted, pinned and liked.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    5 years ago from The Caribbean

    A very intelligent walk through to marketing. I have also self-published and I consider your article very good information. Thank you.


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