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Azule, poetry to save our seas!

Updated on July 25, 2012

Oceans are a threatened world!


Drench me in a world

where sunlight scatters

the motions of the tide.

Waves and currents celebrate

beasts of every kind.

Dissolving bones of calcium

enrich the mineral sea.

Swaying kelp dance endlessly

in the depths of liquid glee.

Mountains lay down

in this salty fluid world

under shades of blue and grey.

Roam all, from the smallest brine

to the giant whales

that migrate the seas today.

Schools of fish, red octopus

and armored turtles drift.

Light leaks from high up above

in timeless openess.

Calves nurse and multitudes swim

under the crossing ships.

Dolphins toss and humpbacks sing

engaged in only play.

Seamounts rise in a velvet world.

Life is underway!

Here I see an enormous destroyer

dressed in black and white.

He's grim and formidable,

with a powerful tail

and strikes with all his might.

A dolphin escapes narrowly.

A squid dispenses his ink.

The changing waves clear his cloud.

Quickly he must sink.

If I were the schoolmaster

of these tenacious fish,

who float the colorful seas,

would I aspire to champion

or melt in humility?

I wrote this poem to remind all of us that we are destroying our oceans. Over population is bringing about over fishing, especially in Asia. Our oceans are filling with trash and debris (such as clear plastic baggies that sealife mistake for jellyfish). Factory farms are pouring chemicals into streams and causung river pollution run off into our gulfs and bays. This is creating dead zones in our oceans. Global warming is melting the polar ice causing ice chunks the size of Texas to break free and melt into salt water. It is time we all take responsibility for our own actions and end our destructive materialism while we have still have a chance. Protecting our oceans should be a top priority for all of us. Three suggestions you can implement today: 1.) never buy plastic baggies or sandwich bags. Sealife eat them and die. 2.) Purchase only fresh caught American salmon and not factory sea farm produced fish 3.) Stop buying factory farm meat. (The run off is killing the oceans) Only buy meat from a local farm. Prices are comparable.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell, author, political writer, and poet

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