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Updated on July 10, 2015


In the land of Azuyo, was found an investigative group known as The Azupasa. The members of Azupasa had begun investigation into the incidents that resulted in the death of three young boys in the only lake in the land, Lake Azu.

The bodies of the three boys were found floating on the surface of the lake earlier in the day. Azupasa revealed that the three boys were playmates and lived with their guardians not far from the lake.

When it rains, the lake gets flooded and children from far and near love to swim in it. It also serves as a fishing area.

It had rained cats and dogs in the day before the tragedy and so all the children dreamt of the joy of swimming in the flooded lake. All the children rushed to have a swim in the lake on that fateful day and none suspected any foul play.

Azupasa also revealed that, among all the children, those three were the best swimmers. If they were the best swimmers, then it is ridiculous to know they got drowned.

Each dead body had green-colored stain in their mouth. Azupasa said, that was a sign of poison. If so, then who poisoned the boys?

Samples of the green substance staining the mouths of the dead bodies were taken to the investigative laboratory for testing. The outcome of the laboratory test revealed that, the green substance was very poisonous and highly acidic but sweet scented.

The said substance was also not common and it was revealed that it could only be found in the laboratory of Azupasa.

It was at that point of the investigation that one of the members of Azupasa admitted his carelessness and confessed that he forgot to lock up the laboratory three days earlier and that the boys had access after he had left.

The boys mistook the poisonous substance for candy due to the sweet scent and ate them. The full effect of the poison occurred as at the time the three boys were swimming. They became weak in the water and could not swim anymore. None of other children present noticed that weakness from the three good swimmers. The three helpless boys ended up drowning.

For this reason, the laboratory of Azupasa was permanently shut down following the orders of the King of Azuyo.

The great investigative group, Azupasa, was immediately dissolved and was no more.


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