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Baby Chloe.

Updated on January 9, 2015

Number Two.

She was born very healthy,

when she eventually did arrive
I didn't know at the time,

number two of five
Born with jet black hair,

perfect weight
Chloe was beautiful ,

when she entered life's gate
She's extremely funny,

she makes me laugh
She's very proned,

to the occasional gaff
Born Asthmatic,

the fittest I've ever seen
No matter the sport,

she'll be part of the team
Through her young years,

her interests vary
Soon be a black belt,

she's a wee bit scary
Very intelligent,

brilliant at chess
When she beat me,

my board was a mess.
I play her occasionally ,

always a tight game
She never changes,

I love her all the same
Throughout her life,

Chloe will always excel
The only one who'd fail Chloe,

is Chloe herself
She has great courage,

very brave and kind
Mum and dad always there,

she's always on my mind

What can I say?

chloe is by far the most mischievious of my kids.she is always up to something.shes either trying to wind up her friends,or doing things to her sisters that drive them all crazy. We fondly refer to Chloe as a social butterfly,she could make friends anywhere she would matter the occassion or where we travel to,inevitably she gets a laugh out of everybody.a great skill to have.if you have the gift of comedy and can make people laugh,in life you will do well.I could think of worse gifts to be saddled with.

Mischievous to say the least.

Acts daft,but very clever.

At school Chloe was very clever,her biggest problem at school was gossiping in class,it got her repremanded on more than one occassion.she excelled at school with regards to her studying.its now paying off,at University and working a full time job.i have no worries about Chloe making it in life whatsoever.i just can't see her failing to succeed.there are no limits to what she can achieve,she's not to be messed with as she can sense a scam or a bad person at a mile away.

Always up to no good.

The truth.

crazy ,funny

insane,likes money


always,the lad

mature,and keen

wicked humour,

never mean


mad as a hatter

keeps your attention

thats all that matters.

Hopes of being a Teacher.

Chloes chosen career path is teaching,a very good and noble profession to get in to.teachers are underpaid and overworked,it's always been the way.its wrong on so many levels the pay and work they are expected to put up with.Chloe is not daunted by this at all,she is crazy focused on becoming a teacher.i have no doubt in her succeeding in what she wants to do.nothing will stop her in achieving her goal.i think she will also be a fantastic teacher.she has a kind heart and she is very patient.two essential traits needed in the profession of teaching.children respond to her very well,she has a knack of getting people to do what she asks them to do.without really trying either,I wish I had her skills.

Cup cake queen.

one of Chloes greatest talents is her ability to make the most amazing cup cakes.compared to what I try to bake,her cakes are very professional and taste amazing.on more than one occassion,she has baked huge numbers of cup cakes for one cause or another,they always go down a treat.Ive never met a person to have ever refused one of her is a good side line to have,as I don't doubt for a minute if she were to sell her cakes,she would make herself a fair amount of money.a few years ago she made me a Rangers birthday cake by herself for my 40 th Birthday.i thought it had been bought from a shop it looked so good.the year prior to that,she made me a Chess board cake and individually carved out all the pieces to fill the board,it was almost a pity to have had to eat it.

Generous to a fault.

one of Chloes major traits is her generosity.she would give you her last pound if it meant easing your pain.she constantly buys the most amazing birthday and Father's Day gifts expense spared when she is out shopping.she is also a very kind friend to her pals.they often comnent on how Chloe is always there in times of need,she never lets people down.always there as a shoulder to rely on ,or cry on.its hard to pick out a fault that she does have,maybe I'm a bit bias when speaking about my kids,but I don't hear people speaking badly of them,I think that says a lot.

Chloe and her wee Sis.

Future prospects.

Chloe won't fail in life.her determination is scary at times.if she sets out to complete a task,she will complete it without doubt.i think I'm quite a determined person,but Chloe excells even my patience,and expectations.its hard to imagine a downside in her future,a time where she will despair.if that time did ever arrive at her door,I think she would cope with it no problem at all.


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    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      4 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Leland for the nice comment,much appreciated.

    • Leland Johnson profile image

      Leland Johnson 

      4 years ago from Midland MI

      solid writing, good hub. Nice seeing super dads proud of their kids. God bless.


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