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BB - The Queanie of Meanie

Updated on April 25, 2016

Free Poetry by Shonah Milne Melton - BB the Queenie of All Meanie..... children's story..... frustrated bully..... imaginative.... dramatic.... musical.... fo

The character: BB is a mean cat but deep down it’s because she’s vulnerable and was rejected by the love of her life; so she puts on this fiasco to hide her hurt. This is the mean cat trying to tell the world all about herself. She sits down at a grand piano in style and in true blues – 1920 style, says the following: “Now let me teach you just how MEAN I am!!!”

I’m the boss, the... the gross (kind of gets frustrated trying to find words)... the candy floss,” (pauses there as everybody snickers, then in strength and power carries on, this time, starts playing the grand piano and starts to half sing, half growl).

I’m the ...... cross boss of eyeball loss,

I’m the nightmare of pull your hair,

I’m the tease of pinch and squeeze,

I’m the meanie of all tiny teeny!

I’ll grab you and claw you,

I’ll chase you, then ignore you,

And when you think I’m all but through,

I’ll keep teasing – the whole night through!!!

Until you’re feeling BLUE!!!!

I’ll swish my tail until you’re all frail,

I’ll jump and pounce until you bounce,

I’ll kick and screech until you beseech,

I’ll laugh and mock until you’re in shock.


Watch out you all,

I’ll have a ball,

‘Cause I’m the meanie,

Of all you tiny teeny!!!

(Music slows down to that kick your leg in the air kind of style)

Yes, I’m that Queenie,

The town's own meanie,

Of all tiny teeny!!!!

Oh Yeah!

Of course in the end she has a change of heart as the love of her life appears. The song changes completely to the positive. Another story for another day.


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