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BIG Brother, BIG Sister - Welcoming a New Baby into the Family

Updated on November 14, 2013

I became someone new the other day.

I think it was started by my Mother.

You see, my name has always been Jacob,

But now she always calls me “Big Brother.”

I never really thought about my name

After all, I am only four

But everything seemed to change the day

Baby Lara came through our front door.

There were all these strange people at our house

But most of them seem to know each other

I guess they know me too because

They A-L-L keep calling me “Big Brother.”

Back when I was Jacob, I didn’t have many chores

And I thought that was just fine,

But now that I’m “Big Brother,”

It seems I’m busy all the time!

“Get me the phone my dear darling,”

“Will you hand me Lara’s burp cloth, too?”

“Put this in the trash sweetheart”

And I was handed a diaper full of poo!

Also, back when I was Jacob,

I could be as noisy as I could be.

But now that I’m Big Brother I hear

“Can you quiet down Sweetie?”

I don’t know why I have to be so quiet

When Lara makes SO much noise

She cries and cries and burps and farts

And has a billion musical toys.

This “Big Brother please help me” and “Please pipe down” stuff

Went on for quite awhile

Then one day I noticed something weird

Baby Lara began to smile.

It seemed as if over night,

Lara wasn’t a baby any more

She could walk and talk and laugh

She was no longer easy to ignore.

So I did what every Big Brother should do

I showed her worms and bugs and bees.

We played on swings and with toy cars

I taught her how to climb our big oak tree.

It seemed I was finally Jacob again

And I could spend my days doing whatever I wanted to,

No more chore filled days, filled with whisper voices

No more throwing out diapers full of poo!

Then one fateful day, Daddy called us into the house

He said there was some big news from Mother

And you’re not going to believe it

She said I’m going to be another Big Brother!

"Aw crud!" I said to myself,

I was just getting used to being Jacob again,

So I took Lara aside, and tried to explain

That everything was about to change.

That even though we know her as Lara

There’s a new baby coming home

Soon everyone will call her “Big Sister”

And work her fingers to the bone.

Lara starting looking scared and very concerned

And as if she was going to cry

I told her not to worry

Because no matter how hard they try…

To change our names to Big Brother and Big Sister

We will always know each other

That I am Jacob and she is Lara

And soon we’ll both have a brother.

@2006. All rights reserved. No part of this original work may be reproduced without written permission.


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    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      That's cool. I remember when our older boy became a BIG BROTHER. He was so excited to have a baby brother and play with him and help take care of him.

      Now we just try to keep them from killing each other LOL