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The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond & Boris Karloff Thrillers

Updated on January 10, 2016

7 Twlight Zone Episodes Written by George Clayton Johnson

  1. "The Four of Us Are Dying 1960
  2. "Execution" 1960
  3. "A Penny for Your Thoughts" 1961
  4. "A Game of Pool" 1961; teleplay
  5. "Nothing in the Dark" 1962
  6. "Kick the Can" 1962
  7. "Ninety Years Without Slumbering" 1963


A man named Arch Hammer uses his talent of changing faces to pull off his con artist tricks. He can appear as anyone he wishes. We see him impersonating Johnny Foster a long dead trumpet player at a nightclub so he can steal Foster's girl Maggie, a sultry singer.

Next, he pays a visit to Mr. Pennell. Here, he morphs into Virgil Sterig, a murdered gangster for the purpose of stealing money from Mr. Pennell, who happens to be the man who had Sterig killed. So, Mr. Pennell sends his men after Arch. Running for his life, Arch Hammer sees a poster of a boxer on the way named Andy Marshak and swiftly changes his face into Andy's. Big mistake he finds as he runs straight into Andy's father who thinks he's the son who hurt his mother and ruined a girl's life. Later, he is picked up in his hotel for detective questioning. Now, he morphs again into Marshak to escape and runs into the father again who pulls a gun. Hammer is now cornered while trying to convince the man he is not the son, but couldn't alter his face in time. As he lay dying, his face now morphs from one to another and finally back to his own.


William Henry Pratt was an English actor born on November 23, 1887. He died on February 2,1969 and was better known by his stage name Boris Karloff. Karloff is best remembered for his roles in horror films and his portrayal of Frankenstein's Monster in Frankenstein in 1931, the Bride of Frankenstein in 1935, and the Son of Frankenstein in 1939.

Boris Karloff, 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" voice.
Boris Karloff, 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" voice.

Boris Karloff: Complete DVD Series

Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "Half in Shadow"
Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "Half in Shadow"

Mary Elizabeth Counselmann's "Half in Shadow"

Parasite Mansion

Boris Karloff hosts and opens each episode by introducing each character.

PARASITE MANSION was an adapted episode in the Boris Karloff thriller series of the early 1960s, a twisted-mixed tale of supernatural ranging from insanity and terror to curiosity and finally the willpower to dismantle the evil force.

A mansion is plagued with a family’s fear-filled chaotic events adapted to televsion from the short story Parasite Mansion by Mary Elizabeth Counselman (1911-1995) Mary Elizabeth Counselman was an American writer of short stories and poetry.

Parasite Mansion was one of Counselman’s short stories featured in her book “ Half in Shadow,” a fourteen story collection published in 1964.

“Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "Three Marked Pennies" was one of the most popular stories ever to appear in the pages of Weird Tales magazine.”

Boris Karloff Thriller: The Grim Reaper/William Shatner

Writer, Robert Bloch

A Good Imagination

A Good Imagination, the short story and teleplay were written by Robert Bloch author of Hitchcock's "Psycho." in the Boris Karloff thriller series of the early 1960s, this story depicts a demented bookworm married to a flirtaous wife who is oblivious to his inner madness until the very end.

Chicago born Robert Albert Bloch (1917-1994), was a prolific American writer of crime, horror, fantasy and science fiction. Well known for saying: "Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

The Devil's Ticket was another adapted short story he wrote and the teleplay for Boris Karloff Thriller


THE HUNGRY GLASS starring William Shatner was also a short story written by the fabulous Robert Bloch. A couple buys a mansion still haunted by a vain woman who spent her life alone admiring herself in a collection of mirrors. It's later filled with the souls of those seen only through mirrors or windows, anything made of glass.

Margaret Millar
Margaret Millar

Rose's Last Summer

ROSE'S LAST SUMMER, was written by Margaret Millar (1915 - 1994) an American-Canadian suspense writer.

Rose French, retired actress is almost ran over, then led to take a job that enters her into a dangerous inheritance triangle.

August Derleth 'Stephen Grendon'
August Derleth 'Stephen Grendon'


Stephen Grendon was born August William Derleth (February 24, 1909 – July 4, 1971) and published his book "Mr. George, and Other Odd Persons" June 1, 1963.

The episode MR.GEORGE was a delightful tale of mansion living and emerging greed, and a bit dark in a sinister sense. A young girl holds the inheritance of an estate which gives family members grave ideas. She's guided and protected by the ghostly voice of Mr. George, a dear friend that revisits Priscilla from afar.

Stephen Grendon--only 2,500 books printed.

Edgar Allan Poe

The Premature Burial

"The Premature Burial" was adapted from Edgar Allen Poe's short story published in 1844 in The Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper.

Complete List of Boris Karloff's "Thriller"

(Sept. 13, 1960) THE TWISTED IMAGE- Psycopath mail clerk.(Leslie Nielson)
(Sept 20, 1960) CHILD'S PLAY- Deadly imagination.
(Sept 27,1960) WORSE THAN MURDER- Strange diary.
(Oct 4,1960) THE MARK OF THE HAND- Child with a gun.
(Oct,11,1960) ROSE'S LAST SUMMER- Old movie actress.(Mary Astor)
(Oct.18,1960) THE GUILTY MEN- Crime boss wants out.
(Oct. 25,1960) THE PURPLE ROOM- Haunted mansion.(Rip Torn)
(Nov.1,1960) THE WATCHER- Psychotic killer.(Richard Chamberlain)
(Nov.15, 1960) GIRL WITH A SECRET- Spys.(Cloris Leachman, Ellen Corby and Victor Buono)
(Nov. 22, 1960) THE PREDICTION- Magician's predictions.(Boris Karloff)
(Nov. 29,1960) THE FATAL IMPULSE- Bomb planted in purse.(Mary Tyler Moore)
(Dec. 06,1960) THE BIG BLACKOUT- Lost memory of murder.(Jack Carson)
(Dec. 13, 1960) KNOCK THREE-ONE-TWO- Arranged murder.(Warren Oates)
(Dec. 20,1960) MAN IN THE MIDDLE- Overhearing murder plan.(Werner Klemperer and Mort Sahl)
(Dec.27,1960) THE CHEATERS- Strange Eyeglasses.
(Jan.3. 1961) THE HUNGRY GLASS- Haunted seaside home.(William Shatner and Donna Douglas)
(Jan.10, 1961) THE POISONER- Easy money by killing.
(Jan.17, 1961) MAN IN THE CAGE- Intrigue in Morocco.
(Jan.24,1961) CHOOSE A VICTIM- Beach bum fall guy.(Susan Oliver)
(Feb.7,1961) HAY-FORK AND BILL-HOOK- Witchcraft.
(Feb.17, 1961) THE MERRIWEATHER FILE- Murder mystery.
(Feb.21,1961) THE FINGERS OF FEAR- Child murderer.
(Feb.28, 1961) WELL OF DOOM- Sorcerer.(Ronald Howard)
(March 7,1961) THE ORDEAL OF DR. CORDELL- Murderous rage.(Robert Vaughn and Marlo Thomas)
(March 14,1961) TRIO FOR TERROR- Occult; Odd bed; Museum hideout.
(March 21,1961) PAPA BENJAMIN- Voodoo melody.
(April 4, 1961) LATE DATE- Murder confession.
(April 11,1961) YOURS TRULY, JACK THE RIPPER- Jack is back.
(April 18,1961) THE DEVIL'S TICKET- Artist and pawn shop ticket.
(April 25,1961) PARASITE MANSION- Dark mansion secrets.(Jeanette Nolan and Tommy Nolan)
(May 2,1961) A GOOD IMAGINATION- Cheating wife.(Edward Andrews)
(May 9,1961) MR. GEORGE- Invisible child protector.
(May 16,1961) TERROR IN TEAKWOOD- Severed hands play piano.
(May 23, 1961) THE PRISONER IN THE MIRROR- Evil sorcerer.(Marion Ross)
(May 30, 1961) DARK LEGACY- Book of spells.
(June 6, 1961) PIGEONS FROM HELL- Terrifying manor house.(Brandon DeWilde)
(June 13, 1961) THE GRIM REAPER- Cursed painting.(William Shatner and Natalie Schafer)

(Sept.18,1961) WHAT BECKONING GHOST?- Funeral dreams.
(Sept. 26,1961) GUILLOTINE- Executioner.(Alejandro Rey)
(Oct. 2, 1961) THE PREMATURE BURIAL- Buried alive.(Boris Karloff)
(Oct.16,1961) THE WEIRD TAYLOR- Special suit for the dead.
(Oct 23, 1961) GOD GRANTE THAT SHE LYE STILLE- Witch haunting.(Ronald Howard and Victor Buono)
(Oct. 30,1961) MASQUERADE- Vampires.(John Carradine, Tom Posten and Elizabeth Montgomery)
(Nov. 6, 1961) THE LAST OF THE SOMMERVILLES- Scheming couple.(Boris Karloff)
(Nov.11,1961) LETTER TO A LOVER- Intrigue.
(Nov. 20,1961) A THIRD FOR PINOCHLE- Nosy spinsters.(Edward Andrews)
(Nov.27,1961) THE CLOSED CABINET- Ancient curse.
(Dec. 4,1961) DIALOGUES WITH DEATH- Conversing with the dead; Colonel's revenge.(Boris Karloff and Estelle Winwood)
(Dec.11,1961) THE RETURN OF ANDREW BENTLEY- Fear of evil sorcerer.
(Dec.18, 1961) THE REMARKABLE MRS. HAWKS- Prize pigs.(John Carradine, Jo Van Fleet and Bruce Dern)
(Dec. 25, 1961) PORTRAIT WITHOUT A FACE- Dead artist's painting.
(Jan. 1,1962) AN ATTRACTIVE FAMILY- Murder plans.(Richard Long)
(Jan. 8,1962) WAXWORKS- Frightening figures.
(Jan.15,1962) LA STREGA- Witchcraft.(Ursula Andress, Jeanette Nolan and Alejandro Rey)
(Jan. 22,1962) THE STORM- Alone with a murderer.
(Jan. 29,1962) A WIG FOR MISS DeVORE- Mysterious wig.
(Feb. 12,1962) THE HOLLOW WATCHER- Town scarecrow.(Warren Oates and Denver Pyle)
(Feb.19,1962) COUSIN TUNDIFIER- Murdering in the past.(Edward Andrews and Sue Ann Langdon)
(Feb. 26,1962) THE INCREDIBLE DR. MARKESAN- Uncle's scary mansion.(Boris Karloff and Dick York)
(March 5,1962) FLOWERS OF EVIL- Screaming skeleton.
(March 12,1962) TIL DEATH DO US PART- Burying your wife.(Reta Shaw)
(March 19,1962) THE BRIDE WHO DIED TWICE- Desire and death.
(March 26,1962) KILL MY LOVE- Mistress murder.
(April 2, 1962) MAN OF MYSTERY- Intrigue.(Mary Tyler Moore and William Windom)
(April 9, 1962) THE INNOCENT BYSTANDERS- Body snatchers.(George Kennedy)
(April 16,1962) THE LETHAL LADIES- Couple fights to death; Clever librarian.
(April 30,1962) THE SPECIALISTS- Jewel thieves.(Ronald Howard)

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