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Bottled Tears, Victory and God's Hands

Updated on July 26, 2014

Are you grieving over

The loss of a loved one?

Or are things just not going well?

Or do you just sob,

For no apparent reason?

And ask the Lord, why?

Is your heart heavy, and

Do you cry?

Know this!

Your tears are in a bottle

Only God knows

The depth of your sorrow,

He bottles tears!

If you sow in tears,

You shall reap in joy,

Do your tears speak?

Tears tell a story

Without a spoken word,

Are they a reminder

Of the pain you feel?

Be encouraged!

The tears are cleansing away

The toxins, and all those bad feelings,

When the clouds of despair pass

Stand your ground!

Knowing that weeping,

May endure for a night

But, joy comes in the morning,

When the haze dissipates

Look for the conquest,

Wave your banner high, and

Declare that!

You are more than a conqueror, and

Always remember, Beloved!

You are in God’s unchanging hands.

Let His hands,

Direct you into praise

Just begin to worship Him,

Come back to joy! and

Reclaim your victory!


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