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Updated on April 21, 2015

My brain cramps to think of all the love lost, washed away in murky floods.

My heart cramps to have to think of family tie's broken due to foolishness.

Where do the years go? crying eye's in the snow.

I wish the stars would line and take me back in time to stop the turn of events that have unraveled on my journey toward the valley of love, why must I first wallow through this worlds grit, it's shit? I must be being tested!!!

Some times I feel like I'm gonna snap, thinking back.

I try not let my soul frostbite with the freeze of the cold, moving toward the road to redemption, crossing roads, drifting in and out of life's misconceptions, avoiding unwanted interventions.

I stand a man here in a land of pain, straining to gain insight on my own journey, fighting the forces that lye and wait to take me by surprise with words of endearment for bait, to criticize.

If I die by morning would they think back on the times they insulted me, humiliated me, slandered me, attacked me while my hands were tied behind my back? or would they think about the times I made them laugh, or gave them rides for little or no gas?

I wish they could just look inside me and see the me I am, a warm loving man who some how got his feet caught in their dramatic quick sand.


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