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Broken but Still Strong

Updated on August 8, 2019
Pauline Akola profile image

A music trainer and music written of Gospel songs. A teacher of the word and discipleship trainer at my church. I love writing artic

How can I see God in the midst of a painful situation? How can I trust that He is till with me.

There is nothing as fulfilling as the assurance that You are not alone at a place where you thought you are. Yes. God is still in control even though I doesn't seem like it. This article will help you see that

Be still and Know that He is God

I was born in a stable family. My mom and dad back then everything was OK. They worked together as they raised us. But at some point things turned. During this time they were so busy they did not note that I was being molested from 6years old to 12years old by my uncle who was working with them and he threatened me not say anything. I was angry. Then as if it's not enough, Adultery entered our home. Drinking came. Hate and unforgiveness followed. As children it affected us because we started taking sides and we began go fight among each other. Before we realised, when we got to 18 years, we turned to drinking, hate, we could not forgive our parents and each went their way to college deciding to never comeback. In college our financial stability was affected so we had to drop our of college to look for means since our parents who were earning millions can now not even pay our education.

I got a job in marketing earning a commission but it could not even cater for my rent. I got into a relationship, and out of desperation, I moved in with the guy. We were OK at first. Went out, drinking with his friends, until he got tired of me and realized am not going anywhere. So he would cheat on me in my face, his girlfriends would call me and insult me. I was so angry at my father, my boyfriend and my uncles. I hated God. I asked Him questions. But right in the midst of it all, He spoke.

I asked Him why me? I asked Him where was He when I am going through all this? and He told me that He has been with me through it all. And it is not His wish that I should hurt but we are living in a dark world, full of evil. He loves us so much but evil causes people to do things He doesn't want to see and He cannot remote control people not to make choices why in His word, He says we make choices to Follow Him. But He assured me of His love me and for mankind and He can feel our pain and He desires to wipe our tears if we can only call on Him and believe in Him

In this life pain will come. We are always tried and tempted in ways that seem difficult. One thing I can assure you is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Just because God has not given you what you want, doesn't make Him less powerful. He is still great and mighty. He is still able. Like a father He sees us at a pointing pain and it hurts Him because she loves us so much. There are a few things we need to know about God


You see a father knows what's best for His child. Sometimes you can cry and ask your father for ice cream at night but Because He knows it's not good for you, he says no . At a small age you may not understand why you dad refused to give you something at that time and it looks like he doesn't care but when you grow us, you realize how much it was good for him not go give you, it was to good for you.

A father will sometimes allow you to go through a hard task to help you grow up. He can't do everything for you because He knows for you to mature you, have to face hard situations so that in life you will be strong enough.

God being our Father, He will allow something's to happen even though He is not the one who caused them because He knows how capable you are to overcome, and He knows how strong you are, and He also knows once you overcome, you will be a warrior, strong and able to push through anything. You will not be like a spoilt child, but you will be mature and your story will help many to be stronger.

Don't think that God has forgotten you. No. He loves you and you are always in His heart. And He is in control. Wait for the time you become strong, you will thank Him for everything.


Sometimes we make God look like a Witch doctor. We only call on Him when we need His help and we limit Him to Provision in that we say, I love you because you paid my rent, I love you because you healed me. Question is,

- Will you still believe when He has not done the miracle?

- Will you still trust in Him being g powerful when someone you love dies?

- Will you still sing of His greatness, when you have not received the healing.

God is powerful and He is still great. And just because it's tough, doesn't mean that His power is less. If anything, He remains to be great. And He wants us to love Him for being God not love Him because we are driving, it means if the car is taken, God looses meaning in your life.

Some situations, bring us to a point of seeing God for who He is. And God is not in competition and He is a jealous God. When we become spoilt and we begin to throw tantrums when He fails to provide what we want, just like our earthly father, He gets jealous and He begins to take away something's so that you don't see things and adore things more than Him. So that you don't equit his love to things. A father ways what's to know, that His child loves Him, with or without those things. And He needs to know that He us not less, just because He said no. But that he is still appreciated and acknowledged as the man of the house whether food is not there or it is. He doesn't want to be seen as less of a man.

You maybe going through a tough time, but the thought that God is in control and that He is with you through it, will give you hope and strength.

His word says when you go through the fire, I will be with you. He tells Jeremiah that "I will never leave you nor forsake you" and He warn Him "To be strong and take courage'"

God knows that this journey is tough, but He Won't Leave us. We just have to believe that He is God and He is mighty and He is with us. And that this race, is not easy but is we hold on through each situation and trust that He knows what he is doing and he has our best concern at Heart, then we can get through anything. Our hope will remain unmovable.

Just hold on. The enemy is looking for those who don't know this fact. And He desires to steal our belief, kill our faith, and destroy our lives. Once you stop believing, your faith is lost and you find no reason to live.

Hold on to your faith, keep believing and stand on the promises of God no matter what, that is our weapon against anything that comes out way. We shall overcome anything.

Here I am years later, working for an organization, teaching music, married to a good man who loves God and loves me. Friend I have who care for me. I only took the step to get born again and trust God. That is the best choice I have ever made. Even now I see hard times but my faith is not moved. I still believe He is God and He is still mighty.



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