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Updated on October 13, 2011




Alaliel is waiting for his brother Zachiel up over cloud nine.They both greet themselves and thank the supreme Creator for a job well done. "Now you both now what is next right?" asks God with a paternal voice. "Yes sir!" both holler at the same time. "phase two! little creations of mine!"

Both hold hands and start showing their flying skills...We follow them and get slap by clouds and feeling the emotion of falling down with them to their next mission!

NOV 24TH 2011



Kim was picked up by her adopted brother, Joseph, who already had dad Henry with him. They are already on interstate 80 and head into town for a Restaurant.


Martha Brooks, 36, is talking with her husband who was caught cheating on her two days ago with her best female friend. To make things worst, she became pregnant with twins and emotionally she is already a nervous wreck. "I forgive you, but I don't could you?" says Martha who grabs her keys and leaves the House. George, her husband, tries to stop her but she is not in her right mind. Anyone being cheated will tell you is not a welcome feeling. "Let's talk Martha, baby! Please don't leave," begs George holding her right arm . "Get away from me! Don't worry I 'm going to buy a nice size Turkey and stuffing, you know... and don't worry, I will come back," says Martha swallowing her own pain. She hold her tummy as her twins kicked twice.


Martha stops at a red light and two cars behind are Joseph and Kim. On the back seat are dad Henry, who is in company of to his grandson Chris. Martha hears her cell buzzing, on the passenger side. She hurriedly grabs it and finds a text from her hubby, "I know it was the biggest mistake but come home please- George"


The car behind Martha and in front of Joseph's BMW blows the horn and makes Martha step her feet on the gas pedal and move ahead while texting the word, "I will"

Suddenly, on her left side a red Camry 2011, trying to beat the yellow light... collides with her. Her cell phone drops and from her final texting, 'I will' shatters into our viewing to reagroup the words from I will, to the nefastus..."Kill"( w turning 90 degrees to the right and interlacing with capital I)

Sadly, her life is about to leave us...or not? The stupid guy behind her flees the scene. Joseph rushes to her rescue, but by experience an impact like that causes irreversible harm. He keeps her sister at bay. "Stay away, sister!". Kim burst into tears. "Oh my god! Oh my!" She freaks out. who is crying and holding her dad, not to look. Little Chris, sees a white cloud on top of Martha's car. The air bag turns from white to a shrouded red blood.

Joseph tries to save her life by feeling her pulse and talking to her... but no respond. "Doctor Harmond, can you hear me ma'am?" He notices that she is pregnant and probably due anytime soon. "Oh my blessed Lord," exclaims Joseph. He touches her stomach gently and there they are! Two little angels feeling that something went wrong... The touch of dead is travelling through the umbilical chord and they are not even aware of that. Mommy's heart is still beating but will eventually come to a stop.



Paramedics rush Martha to save her life. Joseph breaks into the Operation room and warns his colleagues that a mother with 2 babies are about to die if they 'don't move quickly'. Doctor Ritter, who is the one in charge of the OB-GYN department knows that every minute is like gold and counts. He immediately performs a quick Cesarean intervention. Both twins get their head start to life by crying... right... on time!.

Doctor Harmond and Doctor Ritter jump of joy! But Martha's head Concussion provokes a severe stroke and unfortunately doesn't make it. Her last heroic moment was to hold to the her babies wouldn't have to suffer...any further.


Both twins are in separate incubators face down and surrounded by IV's. Again, both reach to each one and miraculously in front of us...all material man made disappear to see them hold hands as ... brothers.



George jumps to his dead and leaves a note nearby which reads, "I did it on my own and I ask God to forgive me."

DECEMBER 24, 2011


On December 24, 2011 on the anniversary of his wedding, Henry receives a visit. Is his wife Rita who takes him to the front Porch and like in the old days they sit together... holding hands kissing and... Slowly he closes his eyes and joins her for good in eternity.The good thing is that he leaves happy as though his final walk through that threshold of life is made in good company...holding Rita's hand and joining their lives again!


Kim makes sure the funeral service put both wedding bands In mom's favorite jewel case next to him and says goodbye to Dad Henry. Little Chris life changes forever after his 'granpa' is lowered into the grave. His mind starst to visualize the good moments with him and that!, he thinks, is priceless!

JULY 5TH, 2012



Kim finally gets the aproval to adopt the twins and gets help from uncle Joseph. Chris becomes an older brother...with benefits? Kim and Brother Joseph create a website dedicated to young adults who are in need of a big Brother. Even Denzel Washignton joins the staff as a promoter and speaker.



Uncle Joseph sponsors both babies' education who will become two important professionals:

Gabriel Callahan, who will graduate from MIT as a physicist, Commander for the first Space craft to make it to Tethys, a moon from Saturn. His mission is to settle a Nuclear Missile moon like Base to face future threat from unpredictable and erratic Asteriods. Like the one that reached earth in 2036.

He will be grante a patent for the Ionic plasma-fusion rocket engine, that will make the trip qucker, which will be reduced from 3 years to four months.

Michael Callahan, Bio engineer, Creator of 'Deltalator', a self sufficient machine that will be able to cure Cancer and Asthma on its different stages.

How about Chris?

Chris Callahan is a well known novelist, who is the Author of this 'semi biography'



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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    well EPI...all in memoriam of my dad, he was a masterminder of you know where i've got it you think there is a 4th part?


  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 6 years ago

    .....well as far as I'm concerned - your hubs are a best seller and this fabulous trilogy reminds me of a Robert Altman film - because it refers me to the cinema of the mind .......lake erie time ontario canada 1:47pm - there is much depth here and I love how you move around through time and place with your different characters .....

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks Raciniwa,

    You are reading a possible best seller... so help me God!


  • raciniwa profile image

    raciniwa 6 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

    a great work from a great writer...a miracle in the making...

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks lyns! humbly appreciate your sharing Lord's creativity!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks Sunnie! We are here for a reason, right?


  • profile image

    Sunnie Day 6 years ago

    Well that makes it even more wonderful! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful turn of events..

    God bless you too.


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago


    Yes there is some truth about this story,,,how do you think a guy like Lord can see it all.. like in a cinematic scene? God bless you my friend


  • profile image

    Sunnie Day 6 years ago

    I think this is one of the most wonderful stories I have read in a long while..I wonder if there is any truth to this? Either way you told the story and shows how our lives are intertwined and joined in miraculous ways. The cirle of life goes on..

    Loved this so very much,


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Glad to hear first hand from you Ardie!!! Took me 6 hours wheww!


  • profile image

    ardie 6 years ago

    I have goosebumps after reading this. You've made the story come full circle after reaching a pivotal climax. Why is it that not much else can reach me - but you add babies to the mix and I become a blubbering mess? I'm glad you let the babies live :) Great work as usual!