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BUBBLE BLOWING BAT BOY part 2 of mighty monkey man

Updated on December 17, 2010


Bubble Blowing Bat Boy

Loves to play.

He rides in his Bubble Mobile

Every single day.


Bumping into furniture,

Ramming into walls,

Making dents here and there,

Until he hears his mother's calls.


"Ethan! Please Stop all the fuss!

The walls can take no more!

It is time for bed.

Tomorrow, you may again explore!"


Ethan replied with frustration...


"Bubble Blowing Bat boy

Will not rest!

I have yet to make a transparent dome!

The biggest and the best!"


So little Ethan...


"Hey! It's Bubble Blowing Bat Boy!"


Excuse me...


As I was saying,


Bubble Blowing Bat Boy

Darted up the stairs to the bathroom.

His porcelain Bubble Blowing Throne

Awaited his magic bubble blowing broom.


So with his broom in one hand

And dish soap in the other

He locked the bathroom door

In hopes to keep out his mother!


He took his soap

Poured it into his bubble machine

If bubbles he did not produce,

Then at least the toilet would be clean!


Ethan grasped tight of his broom.

Into the toilet it went.

Splishing, splashing, sploshing and sloshing,

Until he was content!


Bubbles started piling high!

They were pouring out in mounds!

Ethan poked his head out the door

Making sure mommy still was not around!


Back to work he went

'till he could do no more.

Bubbles were everywhere!

In the tub, on the walls, and covering the floor!


Bubble Blowing Bat Boy Played in those bubbles.

He was a soapy bubbly mess!

"Mom is going to be so proud

Of my artful genius!"


So Bubble Blowing Bat Boy opened the door with great joy

And called for his mother ever so proudly!


Mother dreadfully headed up the stairs.

Wondering what it was Ethan needed.

"PLEASE! Do not be a mess!

PLEASE! PLEASE!" she pleaded.


At the bathroom door,

Mother paused and stood.

Opening that door was hard.

She didn't know that she should.



Gradually and coolly,

Mother opened that door,

And there it was !

An enormous bubble mess all over the floor!


Ethan looked up

With a colossal smile.

He knew mother was surprised!

She just stood there motionless for awhile!


Ethan broke the silence...


"Greetings! And welcome to my Bubble Sea!

Isn't it just great?!

SHHH! My Bubble Blowing Bat Dominions are coming!

And you mother are their bait!"


Ethan snickered and giggled to himself. Once again he spoke with an eerie voice.


" They will nibble your toes!

Tickle your ears!

They will climb and wiggle on your belly,

And fill your eyes with laughing tears!"


And so proud of himself!


"Three hours is all it took!

My Kingdom will be done in just one flush!

Making more of my little dominions

And turning you into slush!"


Slowly Ethan scrambled to the toilet. Placed his hand on the handle and the toilet went SWOOSH! Bubbles poured in a heaping mess and went clear up the walls! What a disaster!  Ethan's colossal smile grew even wider.  Grabbing his broom, he started batting those bubbles at mother!





Mother just stood there

Shaking her head.

Why couldn't he have

Just gone to bed?


Mother looked at Ethan and gradually replied...

"My dearest Bubble Blowing Bat Boy!

Again you cease to amaze me!

Look what you have created!

A massive Bubble SEA!!


It will take days

To clean up this mess!

When will you learn

That cleanliness is best?"


"But Mother!

The bubble bats are coming!

You had better hide!

They are creeping through the plumbing!"

With a weary sigh

Mother decided to join the fun.

"Well, then, I suppose my dear boy

We had better RUN!"


She grabbed Ethan's hand

And they ran around the bathroom!

Bubbles going everywhere!

They swept up bubble bats with his bubble broom!


Ethan and his mother

Were having a wonderful time.

Before they knew it

They both were covered in a bubble slime!


They soon tired out.

All bubble bats banished

So they grabbed some towels

Until all the bubbles had vanished.


"Wow! Mother!

For a minute I thought you were mad!

But you played right along!

I am so super glad!


Your always so busy.

I just want to play.

Thank you mommy for

Making my day!"


Mother sat there and a tear fell down her cheek.


"Oh, my little Bubble Blowing Bat boy!

I do not know what to say!

I do love you!

Even the messes you make everyday.


From now on, I will make time

To play with you hours on end!

But you need to promise

A lot more adventurous pretend!"


And so it was that Ethan had the greatest day and his mother learned that imagination goes along way with the ones you love.










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  • Karen Wodke profile image

    Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

    This is great! It made me recall when my son was little and how precious that time is. It goes so fast.