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Babies Attacked me

Updated on December 21, 2013

Attack of dog human babies

Downstairs with my sister, brother and cousin at my cousin’s house, we are watching SpongeBob SquarePants. My aunt calls me to show me something so I walk up the stairs to see what she wants. As I go upstairs to her room, I see her cockle spaniel in his bed with puppies. “Whoa,” I said surprised. I didn’t even know her dog was pregnant. She came from the other room and said she was surprised to that her dog was giving birth. I was happy for her, and then I looked down further and saw that these weren’t dog babies. They were human babies. I was so confused, I looked at my aunt and wanted to ask but she beat me to it by saying that she always wanted more babies. Carrying one of them, the newborn had brown eyes and smiled at her. I started to back out slowly to the door but it looked like the babies sensed me leaving and started walking. I was so scared; I opened the door fast and started to run. I went downstairs to tell my family but they were gone. I looked for them, but it was futile because the five babies made their way to the stairs looking angry. I was closed in, I wanted to get away but I didn’t want to hurt them. I called my aunt for help, but she ignored me while she was with one baby. Closing in, they just looked pissed off and everything went black.


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