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Baby Naomi.

Updated on January 9, 2015

First one here.

The baby in question,Naomi is her name
When I saw her face,my heart lit up like a flame
Her cute wee face,her beautiful eyes
Her puffing and panting,her baby cries
She has black hair like mine,her eyes like her mums
Staring at our baby,she just sucks her thumbs.
The nurses removed her,to give her a clean
I couldn't wait to hold her,I was avidly keen
Eventually I did,get to give her a hold
The shivers up my spine,they felt so cold.
I knew in my heart,she would always be mine
The feeling I had,just felt so fine
Mum and I would,be there to raise her
Sometimes to criticise,mostly to praise her.
In my heart I know,I would die for my baby
She is my soul,this beautiful baby.
watch her grow up,get married,have kids
Boy or a girl,I will take the bids
As long as both are healthy,fighting fit
No matter her character,won't matter a bit.
I'd love her no matter what she would do
My bonds for life,this I know is true
I tend her crying,I celebrate her smile
Each of these emotions,tend only to last a while
Watch her through school,help when I can
Be there when she cries,broken hearted by a man
Pick her up,when she's feeling down
My duty as a Dad,I won't ever let her down.

Changed and saved my life.

Naomi coming in to my life was a godsend.i was not always a well behaved individual like I am today.i used to be a breaker of laws,nothing serious,mainly stupid things when drunk as a teenager.the day she came in to my life,I knew I had to change dramatically.i was heading down a path that may have led to me being killed ,or worse killing someone else.i changed for the better I hope,I had to grow up and take responsibility for my kid.i had to put her first instead of my own selfish lifestyle.ever since her birth date I've constantly put her welfare first,I was brought up to respect and honour your responsibilities,I have done this now,I hope I'm a good job is to be there for her every day,so far I have,long may it continue.

Beautiful,takes it from her Mum.

Scare of my life.

one night I got a call from someone telling me that Naomi was in danger.alone in a local busy town possibly having had her drink heart sank in to my stomach,I was worried beyond belief.i quickly threw in clothes and got straight in to my car.i drove a bit fast possibly,and reached her thankfully within 15 minutes.she was very drunk and barely aware of who I was let alone where she was.we got home around 4am,I helped her to bed.she woke the next day,her memory was bleak to say the least .She was so bad she thought it was her mother who picked her up.sometimes nights out can harbour dangers unseen.we came to the conclusion that she probably had been spiked,and been incredibly lucky.Needless to say she's more wary when on a night could have been so much worse.

Nights out.oh to be young again.

Would we kill for our kids?

i think I probably would.i have never experienced such uprooting and powerful emotions till I had kids.when there is something is wrong or someone may have harmed them,I get a sick feeling to my stomach,and I can feel the rage growing inside.its incomprehensible the twist and turn of emotions you go through in the welfare of your kids.till having kids ,the emotions I only felt were to do with my own life.having kids has laid the foundation for the most powerful emotions I have ever experienced.not always good emotions,but happy to say mostly good emotions.

What lies ahead?

what does the future hold? I can't say,no one can only try your best when it comes to your try to steer them on a safe path,try protect them from any perceived dangers.i think if you can guide them to adulthood without too many traumas,I think you deserve a pat on the back,and possibly a well earned holiday.

as a baby,then toddler Naomi gave me so many laughs.she was a bit dizzy at times,she would fall often and always came to me for the mandatory Daddy hug to make it better.she is so funny even now,she doesn't even realise it.she says the daftest things that set me off in to roars of laughter.all the while she stares at me not quite comprehending what I'm laughing at,it is wonderful.long may she stay this way.she is a character to say the least.

Kids get a bad reputation sometimes.

kids often get a bad write up in the news.sometimes rightfully so,most of the time they are being a bit misguided in what they do.they get in to trouble most of the time through being a bit thoughtless.i don't think kids set out to cause massive grief for people in general.they are usually good natured,a lot of the time stroppy,and inconsiderate.some people over the years have said certain kids have a propensity towards not sure that's true,maybe somewhere in the world there is a child who is genuinely inherently evil.ive never seen any evidence of that so far.thankfully .

Imagine a world kid free.

some people i know would generally love this.i personally think the world would be a very dull and boring place without them.they can give you so much joy and happiness,other days they set your emotions alive to the point of distraction.but in the whole,they give a lot of pleasure.i could think of nothing worse being in a world with only adults in it.adults moan a lot I find,maybe my kids me young at heart,I'm still quite mischievious,and immature,that part of me is very definitely down to having children.its a trait im only too happy to carry.

Mum and daughter,very alike.

Watched her through heartache.

one day I saw Naomi crying intensely,distraught even.i tried for ages to get to the root of the cause.she had fallen out with her boyfriend of that time,he had been quite cruel in his actions.i had an overwhelming emotion to go to his home and literally hurt him wife managed to calm me to the point where rational thought crept back in my head.probably a good thing,as there was no telling what I might have done.thankfully it's now consigned to the memory bank.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Risa for the kind comment,much appreciated.

    • Risa Stewart profile image

      Marisa K. Rouse 3 years ago from North Carolina

      I think a lot of people forget we were young kids once. Bravo to you for keeping an eye and being understanding and open to your daughter.