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A Family secert

Updated on June 25, 2013

Who Am I

Maggie was born in the South. In a county where poverty and racism effected so many Black families . Maggie never felt she belonged . There were times wanted to ask her mother but was afraid to. the closeness and the love that parents always felted for their children, was something she never felt from her parents. When ever she went near her mother, she saw she saw a deep sadness when she held her in her arms. Her father was a hard working man who took pride in his children well-being all except Maggie. The one thing that lingerer in her mind was while, she was different. Maggie was always considered as the ugly duckling with freckle's all over her tiny little body, she was constantly laughed at by other. Black's in her area always commented on the freckle face girl with long red hair and hazel green eyes. long red hair with Maggie once asked her mother why her skin was the way it was? This was the first time Maggie felted that she cared, freckles are a special gift from God he loves you and so do. At the age of 13 Maggie talked to her cousin about the way she was feeling. I have a secret to tell you but you have to promise you can never tell. I heard mom and daddy talking all the time about this, Uncle Sonny is not your father. Years ago Mr. Thomas son forced himself on auntie and got her pregnant with. Maggie started to laugh, why you lying ,? Look at yourself Maggie, you look white, who in our family got red hair and green eyes.Maggie started to cry, you needed to know. who is my father Maggie asked with tears in her eyes? Johnny Thomas-why do you think you get better stuff than the rest of your brothers and sister?Mr.Thomas gave uncle Sonny a piece of land and the house,not to tell any one that his son forced himself on auntie. That was one of the worst days of Maggie life, she had made a promise she had to keep. Looking in the mirror she saw myself for the first time,the Thomson children had freckle's just as I did. She wanted to ask her mother couldn't. She knew while her father couldn't look at her because of what had happen to her mother. She grew up not knowing who she really was because of a well kept secret. . Maggie knew that one day she would walk up to Johnny Thomas and ask him if he was her father.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      One the worst things in the world is to know you have lived a lie for a long time. My parents should have told me a long time ago but was to a shame to tell me how I was born.Secrets can be a powerful tool, that can hurt and destroy lives. Jada67