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Bad Cooking!

Updated on May 14, 2011

Part two of the ongoing series The Domestically Challenged

I am not a “girly” girl. I don’t indulge in traditionally feminine activities such as cooking and sewing, mainly because I’m not particularly good at it. Last time I detailed what could happen when a non-seamstress attempts to sew, now I will describe what may happen when a non-chef attempts to make a “simple” meal for one:

1) Look through friend’s cookbook for a meal that sounds interesting

2) Choose beef stew

3) Purchase beef, potatoes and vegetables

4) Try to find crock-pot

5) Realize it’s still in the box at the back of the cabinet under the sink

6) Curse

7) Pull everything out, place crock-pot on counter

8) Put everything else back under sink

9) Unpack crock-pot, wipe away little kernels of Styrofoam packaging

10) Add water, meat and vegetables

11) Set temperature and timer, cover with lid

12) Leave for work, look forward to a hot evening meal

13) Hours later, come home to the smell of cooked meat…and something else

14) Take lid off crock-pot

15) Use spoon to stir meat/water mixture, i.e., something that is NOT beef stew

16) Look at recipe again to find out what went wrong

17) Notice that “beef stock” was an item you didn’t buy

18) Curse

19) Attempt to eat boiled meat and veggies anyway

20) Gag and throw the whole mess in the garbage

21) Microwave a frozen dinner instead

22) Clean crock-pot, place back in box with Styrofoam, and sell at next garage sale

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    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I really enjoyed this hub. Cooking is not my thing either. For some reason, I cannot seem to master the whole crockpot thing either. I was told it was impossible to burn or overcook food in the crockpot. Wrong! I have! More than once!