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(Bad grammar) signs from the road

Updated on August 21, 2016
A fun quote from the cult classic "Beetlejuice" gone horribly wrong
A fun quote from the cult classic "Beetlejuice" gone horribly wrong

Commas, or lack of them, can wreak havok

The photo on the right is a drawing of Beetlejuice as the scary snake form he takes halfway through the movie. When I first saw this artwork I was giddy, because the artwork is amazing, and also glorifies one of my all-time favorite movies, "Beetlejuice." When I read the purple banner, I laughed outwardly, and then sighed a little inwardly. Clearly, the artist was attempting to quote the character of Beetlejuice. While it's true that Beetlejuice does say the words "We've, Come, For, Your, Daughter," and "Chuck," unfortunately, Beetlejuice did not communicate the meaning of what is written on this banner.

"We've come for your daughter Chuck," means that someone's daughter's name is Chuck, and that "we've" come for her. Luckily for everyone involved, no one named the daughter in this film "Chuck."

If you are familiar with this cult classic, you will recall that the daughter in this film is named "Lydia," not "Chuck" as the banner states.

Had the banner read, "We've come for your daughter Lydia," at least Beetlejuice would have correctly named the girl he was after. The quote would be wrong, but at least we wouldn't all be wondering to ourselves, "I don't recall the daughter's name being 'Chuck'."

This image is truly wonderful, but what would make it perfect is if the artist had placed a single comma between "daughter" and "Chuck." With one simple comma the quote would communicate exactly what Beetlejuice originally said: "We've come for your daughter, Chuck." With the comma correctly inserted, the quote now communicates that Beetlejuice wants Chuck's daughter, and not a daughter whose parents were cruel enough to name her "Chuck."
Thank you : )


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