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Baddies Sonnet

Updated on April 16, 2010

Note From Author

Just to clarify this poem was written by me and belongs to me. I notice its getting flagged as duplicate content but I would imagen that is because I have profiles on various writing sites (urbis and helium ) under the ID  'Libertine' and a personal blog which all contain my work. I will be uploading my other poems in due course and hope if you havent come across them before you will enjoy them x

Baddies Sonnet

The desolate landscape cloaked him as much as the nights pitch and fleece clung to his sodden flesh; which

Long since numbed by Northerly blasts, conjured up, falsely, a rosey mask

Still onward he trapsed each step forcing the ground away; away to sumbission, such as he

with back aching and ears a’ringing, heard nothing but his hearts joy singing

and pain welcomed, nay embraced for warm rain far to kind to seek forgivness, this time

Uncomplaining he thought ahead, what lie at the end of this tretcherous road, should he make it to his once was bed

with hopeful eye finding light at last – up o’re hill her radiance cast

To light his way and with vigour anew and blood transfused from wild horses and eagles; as them he flew

Such sweet soul as she undeserving his crime as sure as the icy metalic air he swallowed, he knew

She with pen and parchment poised in hand, soft smile that yearned of distant lands

Unaware as the broth boiling on the range and the distant laughter of her kin she wrote on thinking not

‘till icy fingers her flesh did seek but in his turn he did not speak

too late or too little, not which he knew her darkest eyes the story told

thwarting all the thawing heat thus once again his blood grew cold


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    • Xonica profile image

      Tracy Anne 7 years ago from Scotland

      Ah thank you , I'm really glads you enjoyed it x

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Excellent word usage, and a strong sense of atmosphere. I'm still wondering what it is I read -- a puzzle. Maybe I'll come back in a bit and read it again. Engima -- that's the word I was looking for.