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Updated on July 23, 2010

A days work

Working in a quarry is hard on your body,mind and soul at times.With the recent heat wave every little inconvenience is annoying while working in the quarry.The stone is heavy,the hammer is heavy and the NOISE is like a flood of sound.You lift the hammer and break the rock,chips fly through the air.The small chips burn your skin like tiny hot embers,the big chips cut you or worst.After only an hour your shirt is wet with sweat and your muscles are aching.There is a constant humming from the machines.Loaders,hoes and rock splitters.And the constant bang,clang and jangle from the men who call themselves the quarriers.

At times you get annoyed from the heat,pain and inconveniences.These are the danger zones where you can get distracted and become careless.I know just a day ago one of my fellow quarriers was hit with a softball size rock right in the face, rock broke the safety glasses and knocked his hardhat off.This happened late in the day,after he was tiered and after almost three weeks of this heat wave.One single moment of carelessness.My friend is fine,no damage done,it could have been much worst.

I am writing this poem to ALL of you who work at hard labor and know what it means to put in a days work.KEEP YOUR HEAD.Stay safe.Make it through the day.



lift your hammer high then you let it fly

bang the rock and lift the rock keep it ply

bang,clang,jangle steel on rocks and rocks on steel

keep your head no matter how you feel

lift the hammer bang the rock

make the quota fill the stock

bang,clang,jangle steel on rocks and rocks on steel

keep your head through the pain you feel

A little blood some sweat and pain

In a days work its part of the game

bang,clang,jangle steel on rocks rocks on steel




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