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Banned Books in History Past and Present

Updated on May 30, 2014
A banned school book in Russia
A banned school book in Russia | Source

Books Banned in the Past and Present

There have been several books banned at different times and in different countries. Now the books they want to keep out of kids and others sight are called challenged.

One of the books on the challenged list for 1990-1991 was Carrie. I know it was a little depressing and scary but that does seem to be a little much. Also the Harry Potter series was on the list of challenged books. That would be the case where they would like to not have the book being read if possible. There are things about the book that has been challenged that they think might not be good for children and young adults, etc. There are some books that should be kept from children until they are older.

The Hunger Games is included on the list for challenged books and I really don't blame them. I thought the movie was just terrible. Some people are very easily influenced and it does not seem like a good idea to me. Let us hope that it never happens. Fifty Shades of Grey is down as being a challenged book by the New York Times. That means to them that it has been requested to be taken off the shelves kind of thing. That would be bad news for a certain set of girls and women.

Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn is a book that has come under fire a lot and that is especially lately. As people have become more aware of racial tension they resent the book for stirring it up, or so it seems to them, by the name calling in the book. It is said that it is a depiction of the times.

Animal Farm by George Orwell was banned during the war because it seemed to be against the Russians while the US was fighting. That would be too bad for the author. Then also it was banned in Russia until the 1980's.

Salman Rushdie has had his Satanic Verses book banned in Arab countries in fairly recent times. There were death threats made then against him. His publisher received bomb threats. They did not like it because they thought the book was an insult to Islam.

Ulysses by James Joyce is a book that has been banned quite a bit. It was banned in the US and because of the sex in it. Madame Bovary was also banned. It was thought to be too much and to be lewd. It was banned for being well, Madame Bovary as it was.

It is being mentioned on the Internet that the Bible was at first banned to the people and the peasants. That was just because they thought they could not understand it. The priests wanted to be able to explain it to them.

The Bible is not allowed to be used for teaching in Phoenix. But I don't really blame them on that because I don't think that it is the place for it. They do go too far in talking about religion here. It is up to the individual for what they want to do in regard to religious beliefs.

There is another problem with banned books. When I was in the US Army I had been reading a book on meditation and the sergeant took it away from me. He thought it was on witchcraft. I did look at those books and I am interested in it. That would seem to be against the freedom of religion law. They may be able to do that. He told me that I would get it back, but they he could have just thrown it away.

10 Banned Books

Countries that Ban or Discourage the Bible

I was surprised to find out when I was looking at the US State Department site and the warning on a certain country that a person could get arrested if they tried to take bibles into the country. They are not allowed to. There are several countries that have banned bibles or have different rules governing what you can do or who can have them in the country.

If you go to a foreign country from the US you should check with the US State Department on the different countries and warnings for travel. Then you look at the specific countries on the website to see what it says about what is restricted there. I have seen that the Saudis are taking bibles and shredding them there. But that may be a bit exaggerated.

There is a long list of countries that have banned bibles. The list is I believe for 51 countries. Then there are other countries that reject the idea of them but they will tolerate them among people with different restrictions. There are different rules about them.In some countries you would only get in trouble bringing bibles in if they thought you were going to try to preach to people. It is a big problem to them that religious people would try and spread the world. The country would see that as being a threat to its own religion

China is said to have a policy where a certain group can have bibles. They are not supposed to get the bibles mailed to them there. Pakistan and also India have banned bibles or so it looked like from the list that I saw.

It may seem funny that it is happening in those countries in a free country such as this but it is what is happening. We do not realize how lucky we are here.


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    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 4 years ago from Philippines

      There have been book burning throughout the ages. Reason ranges from religious conviction, sexual prudery, ideology and political expediency. What it all comes down to is the few controlling the spread of ideas from the broad mass of society. Usually it is out of fear of upsetting the status quo and their own hypocritical biases.

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