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Bar Keep

Updated on January 6, 2016


broken body - spoken mind

lifted spirit - sunshine

In the snow - sparkles

like grains of sand

and shells far below

Wind chimes - those songs

Those archangels of old

Play me a melody

do what you're told.

Oh Gabriel - Michael

this body is hard


solidity falters

that minds stubborn guard


Is that the heart

or just a trained robot?

aching in places

where the snow wont melt

residing in spaces - time leaves its traces

seemingly perched

like a hungry bird

living in a magnet

a cone - a sequence - a loop - a figure eight

ready to swoop

or pounce

Time travelers

My ship is my heart

though on a swell - the shore isn't far

although, the light has captured

everything I see

The wind is my sail

But the breeze isn't free.

The price is:

What steers - drives -

what makes me shed

why take up shelter

if i'm bound to be dead?

Those shadows - shake

the trees - there's something - oft

just beyond my view

holding ...

just one push

Why do anything?

I could refuse.

All those distractions.

No longer new.

Another walk - another love - another enticement

from whence does it come?

Vow to stay put.

shut off that mind

slow down those letters

that bone and brine

be still - be sullen - be quiet - beyond

all that excitement ...

A cup of coffee - a smoke

watch another program

the butt of some joke

I can't comprehend

is this a protection?

Am I vield?

because I'll just break

between some substance

Am I asleep - awake?

all things to ponder - to question - to prove

all my senses betray me

as I go about in a rush

to have a roof and some food.

drink up.


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