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Barbie & Ken Doll Chronicles humorous informational story Part 3

Updated on February 27, 2013

Barbie & Ken Doll informational humorous story

Barbie & Ken Doll informational humorous story

Barbie Article #3

Barbie and Ken Chronicles

Barbie and Ken Chronicles read the love letters between, these two cultural icons..

Dear Ken,

Now that Christmas has past and we have ushered in the New Year of 1959, I am hoping we can make plans to meet for dinner in Paris. I have the most beautiful gown designed after the Parisian fashions to show you. I should not tell you, but I have a wedding gown, already designed and it is beautiful. I hear you have been all over the world as well, isn’t this so exciting, as we travel and see all the different places, in the world. Please meet me April 10th 1960 7:00 p.m. for dinner at Merci’s and I will show you around the city as well.

My Dearest Barbie ,

I shall meet you in Paris, for dinner as planned. I must say your hair designed after the Paris hair fashions is most becoming, in the picture you sent me. I miss you and remember the pink organza dress you wore the night before I left, and think of you fondly. I will meet you at Merci’s April 10th 1960 7:00 p.m. Please, dazzle me with your new fashions, my thoughts are with you until then. I will have to do some shopping since Ruth Adler has presented me to the whole world wearing a red bathing suit, not quite appropriate dress for “Merci’s” but I remember how much you enjoy shopping.

Dear Ken

Time has passed so quickly and as I opened your last letter, I was shocked to read your proposal of marriage. Of course you know my answer, since they have my dress, already designed. True love shall be ours, I even got a glimpse of your tuxedo, and it is dashing. The wedding is scheduled before you go back to the barracks. I hear you have a new drill sergeant, and hope things are well with you. There is a ball being held in Paris the second night of your arrival. We will be going with Skipper, and my twin brother and sister Tutti and Todd. There will be many friends at the ball, such as Midge, Francine, Scooter who is Skippers friend, and also Buffy.

I must run now to sort through my summer clothes for our trip to Bermuda.

Dear Barbie

The ball sounds exciting and I have yet to meet your sister and brother Tutti and Todd. I do hope they like me, since I will be part of the family soon. I miss you and fondly remember the pink-organza dress you wore, the night before I left to join the army.

My drill-instructor, some big guy named "Joe" who dresses all in camouflage, says we should forget about our girlfriends, but I'll never forget you...and anxiously await my trip to Paris to see you.

Dear Ken

The ball was fantastic, I could have danced all night with you, and my family and friends adored you. Your new wardrobe we purchased, in Paris was an exciting shopping adventure. I have some exciting news as you read this, and you may want to sit down. I have a new sister named Kelly she is adorable, and I can not wait for you to meet her.

Dear Barbie

How exciting you have a new sister but you might want to sit down as you read this too. I have a new brother named Tommy he looks a bit like me and likes to copy me in what I do and wear. I have to hide some of my clothes since we wear the same size. I suppose you know this since you have told me about Skipper, and how she borrows your clothes all the time. I will be seeing you soon; in fact my drill sergeant GI Joe will be making the trip with me late this summer.

Dear Ken

I have moved to England, and there is this new band, named the

“ Beatles” my friends and I will be going to see them in concert. I could just scream when I see “Ringo”, the drummer he is so cute. Wait until you see my hair and new clothes, my hair is long now to my waist and I have the coolest clothes, some are even made of shiny vinyl. Skipper and Nikki have something, new called yo-yo pets, they are so much fun to play with.

As Always,


Dear Barbie,

Please meet GI JOE and me at the train we will be on leave and coming to London for a week. I assure you he is very interesting, a bit gruff at times and lacks a formal wardrobe, but your friends will adore his stories of army life. We will only have a week but plan on touring England and meeting all your new friends before you move back to California USA.

As Always,


(c) Written by B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks Lucy I enjoy writing with humor and adding facts while doing it.

      Appreciate the thumbs up!

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Your story gave me a chuckle. Really enjoyed reading it. I will have to read the other 2 stories now. Voted up.