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Barbie and Ken Doll Chronicles history of the dolls done in a humorous short story!

Updated on April 14, 2014

Barbie & Ken Doll Chronicles

Barbie & Ken Doll Chronichles humorous short story

Article #4

Barbie and Ken Chronicles

Dear Ken,

I have arrived in California, what a fun place to be the weather is sunny and beautiful, and there are beaches by the ocean. I have never seen so many convertibles driving up and down the boulevard and I am dying for a convertible of my own. You know my favorite color is pink, can you just imagine how cool it would be to own a pink convertible? I was walking down the street and heard someone call me, Barbie Millicent Roberts, they knew my real name, I guess I am turning out to be the celebrity they claim I am. I turned and answered them and they asked me if I was from Willows, Wisconsin, they even knew the state I was from.

Dear Barbie,

I shall be arriving to the states soon, I was in a restaurant and a reporter came up to me and asked me many questions, seems I can not even go out for dinner without being noticed. I loved that picture of you doing the twist you looked so cute with your long hair, dancing the twist. We must go out to a club and try twisting the night away, when I got to California. I saw Midge in the background of the picture, your long time friend, she looked stunning also in her twist dress with fringes. Don’t dance too much, and I will see you soon

Dear Ken,

I went shopping today and bought a new purse and when I got home and took the tissues out of the inside of the purse, you will never guess what I found. I found a heart-shaped miniature Austrian crystal; it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I still have the same fashion designer her name is Charlotte Johnson and I will keep her until she wants to retire, since retirement for her company is 20years. She is just fabulous designing fashions, and I never wear the same thing twice. One of her designs was so fetching they made a porcelain doll of me wearing her Blue Rhapsody.

Dear Barbie,

How exciting to be in California, I even look a bit more tan and my hair has lightened. I went out last eve and met your friend the celebrity “Twiggy”.

She brought me to the fashion house and showed me the new designs for her dresses. I think Twiggy will be this years, 1967, top model. She giggled when I showed her pictures of you in 1960 with your bubble cut hairdos and Jackie Kennedy fashions. We walked over to the Boulevard to a toy store and seen a doll in the replica of Jacqueline Kennedy, she is quite beautiful and I bought you one.

Dear Ken,

Like, hi, how are you? I just have to say that I was to see this toy store in the midst of my shopping, they had dolls that are supposed to be cool, named Amethyst Aura Barbie, Diamond Dazzle Barbie, Emerald Embers Barbie, Ruby Radiance Barbie, and Sapphire. Like… can you believe, we are like valley girls in California, can you just imagine that, and there was one very rare doll the Gold Jubilee Barbie, designed by Carol Spencer. Like, how cool.. I went to the magazine stand and saw my picture on the cover of guess what magazine; you will never guess “Vogue”. Write to me soon, I do miss you.

Dearest Barbie,

Winter has fallen in the California Mountains and the ski season has begun. Please visit me at the slopes with your friends, we may have room for your whole family at the ski resort. After this holiday I must return to the executive offices and plan out the proposals for future business endeavors. The fashion industry has designed business suits and briefcases for us. The 1980’s have treated us well. I read your last letter telling me about your new business and will plan to visit your office soon, and possibly meet you after work and watch you teach aerobics. The 1980s will be a prosperous year for us as business executives.

Fiction with Informational History!

Dear Ken,

What fun we have had through the 1980’s with a Dream House with a pool, a townhouse, special van, sports car, motor home, motor bike, and a horse! Who would imagine we would have a workout center also? I finally feel serious about my career wearing my dress-for-success suit, business (and credit) cards and even our own computers! Being with all my friends and the computer projects are wonderful. I have made reservations for us for New Year’s Eve to usher in the 1990’s. I will surprise you with where we are going.

My Dearest Barbie,

Happy anniversary its 1999 and its our fortieth anniversary and so much has happened from the simple trips to Paris to today’s computer world. We have done everything from simply strolling down the Paris streets to being a dentist, doctor, gymnast, pilot, police officer, Marine and so much more. There have been crafts of all sorts even a knitter to make sweaters and a Barbie art studio. Electronics have ushered in the millennium with many fun new concepts. Remember Skipper trying that entire digital makeover and hairstyles on the computer? I thought we would never get her off to go to the movies that day. I want to try the Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer CD-ROM on my new computer myself I heard its amazing. Well, my partner for all these years you are still the stunning diva of dolls, none have surpassed you, and I still adore you. I hold your hand and walk over the threshold of the year 2000 to open more doors in our journey together.

As Always


(C) Written by B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA


      Too funny it probably will happen, who knows :) Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Shannon 5 years ago

      Wait. Barbie will break up with Ken. Then they will be the "innocent" happy plastic surgery freaks on The Real Housewifes of The Dollhouse.

    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Yeah Barbies haven't went down in popularity to today. It was a shame they wrote in Ken and Barbie divorcing, think that was a little outrageous for a children's playtime situation.

      Thanks for reading!

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 6 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      I grew up with Barbie, as did my daughter and granddaughters are now. What a trip down memory lane.