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Bareilly-Delhi vice versa

Updated on July 26, 2016

Chapter 1

"Vaibhav wake up!!" mom shouted in the morning at 6am. I was in sleepy state my limbs and arms were not ready to move a bit futher from the soft and comfy pillow , my hair was was like those rockstars from 90s. All long mushed up in one bundle and few strangles making a horn at the back . " Vaibhav just wake up for god's sake !! its 6:15 and you have to go to delhi to pick up ur grandfather so just wake up " mom shouted again.

Suddenly i woke up with a startle thinking what the hell happened and then i remembered i have to travel to delhi to get my dadu .How could i forget , i have to reach there soon and return back in daylight . I scratched my back and my Devil like hair then took out my clothes from cupboard and went to get freshen up. I came out of bathroom i saw its 7:00am already! damn i need to get ready fast.

" Vaibhav bhaiya!! where is my phone !! " my sister startled me behind my back. Damn she is a nuisance for me. I got freshed up and applied some cool set wet gel on my hair and combed it. Suddenly i felt like an actor from those a- star Hollywood movies not less, when my mom shouted again and destroyed my imagination. I went outside in this cloudy day i couldn't see glimpse of the blue sky above me , just white and grey layer of evaporated water which is grumbling to fell down on this earth. Suddenly i saw a man standing beside our New white hyundai xcent car. He was a 40 year old man having a darkish complexion and a long beard of black and white hair. He was wearing White full sleeve shirt and a long black patloon and white cap which Muslims usually wore . He was very friendly man when i first met him. Dad told me he is the driver who will be taking me to Delhi at my uncle's house Grandpa was very old basically bed ridden so he cant travel in trains so we hired a driver from one of dad's friend and used our own car because the luggage could be a lot and my grandpa prefers travelling in small cars rather than a big SUV.

I was ready to go after packing some water bottles and Dad gave me some amount of cash for the road trip pitstop. My dad and mom were busy, Dad had an important meeting and mom couldn't left the house alone so i decided to go alone along with our Gardener.His name is Bhoopram basically a nepali i guess . He was thin and lean wrinkled guy and my grandpa's Favorite.He doesnt regrets in doing any household chores which mom and dad usually gives him.As always he gets a reward for that work, but he is one of the trusted servents in our home. He decided to go along with me so as to take care of grandpa. We didnt carry any luggage like clothes, eatables etc as we were going at our Uncle's house and would be returning back to bareilly the very same day.

Soon our adventurous journey started to the city of mughlai food and home politicians and yea India capital city.

Delhi NH-24


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