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Batman: Rebel Yell

Updated on August 13, 2015

Remember how I wrote that article on Batman villain Calendar Man the other day? Well, turns out, that wasn't enough to get Batman out of my system. In fact, dare I say it didn't help a bit. So, after spending a few days of thinking over numerous ideas, missing Lucha Underground and celebrating the Cubs sudden hot streak, I thought, "why not one more Batman related thing?". Thus today, you're going to get something Batman related, and something similar to what I did with Final Fantasy X not to long ago. That's right, I'm pitching a Batman story. I'm not saying any more than that, but I speak for...myself when I say that you could potentially enjoy this. Then again, I'm the same man who thinks Speed Racer is a cinematic joy of modern times, so what do I know? Enough about my quirks, it's time to see if I got the story chops! ON WITH THE SHOW!

Batman: Rebel Yell

As a young boy, Lonnie Machin witnessed Batman thwart the heist of his father's convenient store, saving both Lonnie and his father in the process. He becomes fascinated with Batman, and vows to his father that he too will one day become a hero


Ten years later, a seventeen year old Lonnie is a junior in high school. Smart beyond his years and with acceptance letters from every major college in the country, Lonnie still idolizes the Batman and continues to follow his career with great interest, much to the chagrin of his parents. While walking home one night with a group of friends, Lonnie witnesses a businessman attacking a homeless person after being asked for money. Lonnie attempts to intervene, but is fought off by the businessman. Batman arrives and subdues the homeless man, wrongfully believing he was trying to rob the businessman. Lonnie attempts to reason with Batman, but is coldly rebuffed.

The events of that night change Lonnie into a bitter, anti-social teenager; he isolates himself from his friends and family and curses Batman, believing him to be another figure of corruption in Gotham City. After finally being confronted by his family, Lonnie lashes out at them and runs away from home, taking to the streets of Gotham. He eventually seeks shelter in the abandoned Subway stations, where he is shocked to find a secret society that has been living underground for decades. The society is lead by Legs, a Vietnam war veteran who takes Lonnie under his wing. Finally realizing he is where he belongs, Lonnie vows to right the wrongs Batman and the corporate elite have brought to Gotham, and trains to become a vigilante himself. At the end of his training, Legs rechristens Lonnie as "Anarky".

Emerging from the abandoned Subways, Lonnie's first act as Anarky is to track down Roland Daggett, the same corrupt businessman who led Lonnie down his path. Finding Daggett assaulting his girlfriend, Lonnie gets the drop on him and defeats him. Leaving Daggett at the GCPD, Lonnie returns to the Subway and with the help of Legs' men, hacks Gotham's airwaves and announces his arrival to the city. Declaring Batman to be a washed up phony who is just as corrupt as the people he puts away, Lonnie calls for Batman to step down and allow Anarky to take his rightful place in cleaning up the city. Watching from his home in Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne immediately perceives Anarky as a threat and begins to investigate him.

As the months pass, Lonnie continues to capture criminals as Anarky, following each victory with a pirate broadcast to the city. While Batman continues to hold vigil over Gotham as well, the public opinion becomes split between supporting him and Anarky, with the police and upper class supporting Batman and the younger, lower class supporting Anarky. Obsessed with his rival, Batman continues to vigorously investigate Anarky, obsessed with taking him down and exposing him as a lie. Alfred, Oracle and Tim Drake all plead with Batman to give up his crusade and perhaps even approach Anarky about becoming an ally, but he refuses, determined to expose him instead.

Unable to track Anarky through his pirate broadcasts, Batman instead deduces Anarky's next target, corrupt judge Harold Boles. He is thus able to intercept Anarky's attempt to capture the judge. The two fight to a stalemate while taunting each other, with Batman referring to Anarky as a common criminal and Anarky calling Batman a "washed up puppet". Anarky eventually distracts Batman long enough to leave, and returns to the Subway to another broadcast. To the shock of Batman, he brings up the events of the evening and reveals the transgressions of Judge Boles. Shocked that Batman would defend someone like that, the public begins to turn even more in Anarky's favor. Despite this, Batman becomes more convinced than ever that Anarky is the common criminal that has brainwashed the city.

Batman's search for Anarky is temporarily delayed by the Joker, who has determined that Gotham City is only big enough for one vigilante. Joker proceeds to hold over 100 citizens hostage at the Gotham Courthouse and from there broadcasts his own pirate message, where he reveals he's also planted a bomb somewhere in the city. Realizing he cannot defeat the Joker and find the bomb at the same time, Batman locates Anarky and proposes a temporary truce, offering to go find the bomb while Anarky defeats Joker. Though he agrees to the truce, Anarky demands that he locate the bomb instead, to which Batman agrees. He heads to the Courthouse and eventually is able to secure the hostages and defeat Joker. When he interrogates Joker, Batman learns that the bomb is located in the abandoned Subway's, with Joker revealing he was helped by a mutual friend in chaos, leading Batman to believe that Anarky has been helping the Joker all along.

Leaving Joker to the police, Batman heads to the Subways to confront Anarky. He defeats Anarky in front of his followers, though Anarky seemingly allows Batman to defeat him. When questioned as to why he helped the Joker and where the bomb is, Anarky denies having helped him and has his followers present the disarmed bomb to Batman. Still not believing him, Batman presses further for a confession. Anarky instead lashes out at Batman, berating him for abandoning the ideals that made Anarky love him as a child. He closes the speech by revealing that the homeless man Batman beat up over a year ago was innocent, revealing to Batman that he was the young man who tried to help the homeless man to no avail.

Batman takes Anarky to the police and has him arrested. Despite being offered counsel by both his parents and Bruce Wayne, Anarky chooses to go with a public defendant, vowing to prove his innocence and expose the corruption of Gotham' judicial system. His followers, including Legs, abandon the Subways and leave Gotham before Batman can round them up. His mission now complete, Batman begins to second guess his own actions, and whether Anarky was right all along. (Copyright 2015).

That'll do it friends and foes! I'm out to tell Netflix why they need Lucha Underground. Till next time, let's see if DUCHVONY approves!

Please change disks to continue...

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