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Batman Vs. Spiderman: Who Would Win?

Updated on July 7, 2016

**Disclaimer, I am using only the live-action version of these character.


  1. Genius level intellect/deductive reasoning-Arguebly, he has one of the greatest minds in the comics. He can always find solutions when needed and anticipate his opponents moves. This gives him a great advantage in the fight before it even begins. -Side note: I will take into consideration that live-action movies haven't shown him to be as smart/deductive as the comics have done.
  2. Peak mental and physical conditioning-Batman has no superhuman abilities. However, he has shown to be in top physical and mental condition. He is able to fight numerous bad guys and still keep going. Mentally, not even Bane could break the Bat.
  3. Master in Hand-to-Hand combat-A master in numerous forms of martial arts. Not many can match blows with him. His mastery in physical combat is only supplemented by his peak conditioning.
  4. Tech/Gadgets-He has several Gadgets at his disposal but his greatest asset is his suit. His suit can augment his natural abilities. It can give him more strength and allow him to face very powerful individuals. His cape allows his flight like ability. His belt is full of gadgets. He could be packing anything from Kryptonite to batarangs. Then when you throw in his Bat-mobile then there is virtually no limit to his abilities.


  1. Genius Level Intellect-Much like Batman, this has yet to be really showcased in the films. I want to give Spiderman the benefit because he does have a Genius level intellect.
  2. Superhuman strength, speed and agility. Unlike Batman, spiderman has intrinsic superhuman abilities. Though there is a limit to his abilities, they are far above to Batman's.
  3. Spider webs/claws-Spiderman can move from building to building seamlessly. He can gain the advantage very quickly and get out of trouble just as quickly thanks to his spider ability.
  4. Spidey-sense-This has been showcased some in the movies. He can sense danger but rarely can he pin point it. However, just knowing from what direction danger is coming can be a very give advantage.

Overview of the Fight

  1. Intellect-I would give Batman the win in this category. His intellect isn't just based in science but also reasoning/deducing. He would be able to play against all of Spiderman's strength with time.
  2. Conditioning-Spiderman would get the win in the one. He has proven superhuman strength, speed and agility.
  3. Combat Skills/Spider abilities-Spiderman would also be the winner in the category. His ability to move around lightning fast would be too much for the cape crusader. However, it wouldn't be an easy win by any means.
  4. Spider-sense/Gadgets-Batman would be the winner here. Batman's gadgets would be able to misdirect his spider sense. They would also equalize much of his attacking powers.


If there is time to plan then Batman would be you winner. However, I believe if Spiderman had the element of surprise then he would overtake Batman.

Opinions please! Please vote in the poll below and let me know who you think would win. Also, if you have any match-ups you would like to see, please comment below and let me know and I'll see about writing a breakdown.

Batman vs Spiderman: Who Do You Think Would Win?

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