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Batman vs. Superman: Epic Battle or Lopsided Victory for One?

Updated on August 14, 2018
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Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher. He wrote for IHPVA magazines and raced these vehicles with his father (who builds them).



Unless the caped crusader has a pocket full of kryptonite on him, there's no way Batman will win a fight against Superman. Despite his inventiveness and cunning abilities, Batman will have to rely on those green rocks for any advantage against the Man of Steel.

In the annals of Superhero mythology, Superman is the embodiment of a hero. His abilities are only part of his powers. Like Batman, Superman is intelligent and brave; he will take on any dire situation and use his intellect to beat his foes. However, this is where the similarities stop. Superman has a sense of moral obligation to protect humans and to mete out justice in a fair and moral way. Batman's sense of right and wrong is as murky and dark as his Bat Cave.

Superman's morals keeps him grounded and in control of himself. This is something Batman has a problem with.


Almost the Same but Not Quite

The two were orphaned as children. However, Clark Kent learned at an early age – and with the help of the Kents – to take control of his abilities and to use it for good. He learned through his loving, adoptive family to use his powers with responsibility rather than abuse it. It's a rarity for him to kill another human being (although the World War II era of the comic book series seemed to be giving him the leeway to dispatch with enemies such as the Nazis or Japanese in any means necessary).

Bruce Wayne's family upbringing taught him something more sinister. Despite his superhero status, there’s something very dark and brooding about the caped crusader. It has to do with watching his parent being gunned down at a young age. He’s not above killing his adversary, and often struggles with showing mercy (although to his credit, he usually has his adversary's transported to a court of law, jail or Arkam Asylum). Also, Batman is not above breaking ethical and moral laws to defeat his enemies (as the movie series, The Dark Knight depicted). Often, his actions will get him in trouble with the law.

Superman's morals keeps him grounded and in control of himself. This is something Batman has a problem with. And, in a fight, that can be a major factor, even with the fighting, technical and intellectual skills Batman has.

copyright DC Comics
copyright DC Comics | Source

Batman vs. Superman: Who Will Win?

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What Would Happen in a Fight?

Now, if the two were to face one another in a fight, Superman's strength would be enough to take care of Batman. Let's face it: when a person can bend steel with his bare hands, is faster than a speeding bullet and is able to leap a tall building is a single bound, there's not much his adversary can do.

There are other advantages Superman has over Batman. His X-Ray vision can spot any hidden weapons on Batman (unless he’s wrapped in lead). Also, that vision can be used to burn holes in almost anything (although that power appears to be excluded at time in the many comic book incarnations of the superhero). Another advantage is his incredible lung capacity. He doesn't have to throw a punch, just blow some air out and knock his adversary over with gale force wind he generated. Better yet, he has a choice; he can knock him down or freeze him with one puff.

In many respects, Superman doesn't even have to worry about a sucker-punch, either. Almost everything bounces off Superman, even a bullet. What's going to happen if Batman throws a punch at Superman? Let's just say that Superman will win that fist fight without raising a finger.

The only thing Batman can use is kryptonite. The green, radioactive rocks from Superman's former home planet of Krypton can rob him of his superhuman abilities. However, the rocks are hard to find. And if they are found - as Superman's arch enemy, Lex Luther, seems capable of doing - Superman always avert its effects through the help of others or by his own cunning abilities.

Historically, Batman and Superman are allies. The two would rarely, if ever, fight each other. One of Batman’s best attribute is his intelligence. He may be smart enough to create something mechanical that would compete with Superman’s strength; however, he knows that such a task would be fruitless in their ultimate battle against evil. So, the smartest thing Batman can do (and has done) is to befriend the Man of Steel.

© 2014 Dean Traylor


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