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Batteries Don't Last Forever

Updated on December 7, 2016

Old And New What Do I Do ?

Over the years batteries have been collected

Sitting in a drawer

Tucked away in a box

Used at one time for one thing or another

Bought for good reasons

Now they wait

Some expired way past their best used by date

Most are good

A few have gone to the great battery heaven in the sky

Then there are rechargeable batteries

I thought they were the answer

They cost more but you can use them many more times they say

I bought a battery tester

A little pricey but that's o.k.

A way to solve my problems

Keep what's good and throw away the bad

It worked fine

Until one day I seen a battery tester at the dollar store

I decided to challenge one battery tester against the other

The one I had bought before read battery very low

Which meant no good

Out you go

No wait lets try the new battery tester

The new tester read the battery is still good

I put them in a flashlight and it works

Not the best but still does the job

Do you think the battery tester tests wrong

So when your batteries still have life

You toss them out only to buy new batteries

It would make you buy more batteries

When you actually didn't need to

That would be just wrong

I couldn't believe my eyes as I retested the same batteries again

I mostly had AA and AAA

I got the same results

The funny thing is the battery testers are run on batteries

Not plug into an outlet wouldn't you think

I decided to use all my old batteries up

In one of those battery candles that sit in your window

Now I have a lot of 9 volt square batteries that nothing but smoke detectors take

They recommend you change them every year

Using only new alkaline batteries

I must of saved the old

Years ago the small hand held transistor radios used them

That's a thing of the past

Then we have c and d batteries use to be for toys and flashlights too

Now the only batteries I use are the small ones

I call them the hearing aid batteries

I use them for a small flashlight and a laser pointer for a toy for my cat

Well that's my battery story for today

I hope you keep your batteries charged and have a great day


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 10 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I remember the commercial well. Batteries are on sale. What a deal. I am going to wait till I use up the batteries I have. Maybe I just don't have use for them any more. Thank you so much for sharing and caring. A beautiful morning gives much thought to all the wonderful times ahead.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 10 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      You know what? We cannot do without batteries but I hate when I have to recharge them and I hate it when I run out. Batteries always remind me of that commercial with the Energizer Bunny that just keeps on going.