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Battery Boulevard Bimbo.

Updated on March 15, 2011


Battery Boulevard Bimbo.




She was a

night creature,
blinded by love.

She followed the radar of
men's fruity colognes.

It all started eight years
after her bat-mitzvah.

Batting her eyes
at the guys in local bars.

Dressed in batik or batiste,
her cheeks painted in
baton rouge.

She took on battalions of men,
leaving guano in the
caverns of their hearts,
after devouring the
fluids of their passion.

She battened herself up,
on the outpouring
of their needs expressed.

Spreading her limbs

in dark places.

Daylight would find

her hanging around
on the upside downswing

of her days,
suspended in a

dank tower chamber,
in a fifth floor walkup,
off Battery Blvd.

New York City, New York.


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