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Battle of Wit and Will

Updated on May 22, 2016

Invisibility is my cloak and shield
The scepter of wit I choose to wield
I would challenge you to a duel
But I'm afraid you are an unarmed fool
Why would I issue the call to battle
When all you do is endlessly prattle
Empty words eschew from your lips
Incapable of forming the simplest of quips
I'd run you through with the simplest retort
So vicious a rejoinder there would be no sport
Crawl back to your mother, climb back in her womb
Let her withered uterus be your burial tomb
A compendium of prowess at my disposal
A contemptuous ultimatum is my proposal
If you can steal an egg from your mother's ovary
I will take this challenge serious and soberly
Alas, thus far you have shown me naught
An empty hand and emptier head is all you've got!



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