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Battles Aren't Made For Heroes and Villains

Updated on October 1, 2016

The time-out corner can only tangle you even more.

You don't come out with super lightweight feathers and fully debugged glitches. It doesn't work that way, trust me. Chains are not made to encourage you to break free or to escape as a replenished stock of bad-for-nothings. It doesn't work that way, I assure you. Crossing the threshold isn't a particularly glorious event, nor is it considered as an accomplishment.

You're not the hero here but you're not the villain as well. You straddle in between the borderline, a grey area where everything seems to be in control and neutral. You don't put a toe out of line and it's okay because once you do, you don't get the privilege of taking breaks anymore. You'd be the monkey in the middle who's fighting a battle on his own, catching a ball with over-eagerness. You'd be that rope tearing at the seams in a forceful, vigorous play of tug-o-war.

You'll rip apart eventually. There will come a time where the last thread will snap apart and leave the two enemies utterly bewildered. It will leave the game unsettled, with the versus still intact and the scores a split decision. And it's okay. The battle's not about them anyway.



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    • Usha R68 profile image

      usha r 12 months ago from Bangalore India

      Hi. Beautifully composed. All the best