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Battling for a Just Cause

Updated on December 16, 2017

When it All Stops Working

Building and rebuilding as each time it falls

Dragging ourselves through when we can't crawl

Diminishing in posture what once used to stand tall

Then bit by bit tearing ourselves apart as far as we advance

While breaking all there is to hold on to for another chance

Changing our tonation contrary to what was required of the instance

The words unsaid being made the barrier to the feelings unheard

Acting to different themes amidst a common plot we shared

As the scripts of the play no longer in sync with the roles prepared

Making the sense of the days obsolete to the madness of the nights

Heightening the peak each time the abnormality of the fights

Directing to the wrong path and aim our strength and might

Now destructive was the motions of anger the emotions instigated

Feeding our rage with the prey of each fault indicted

Mourning for the pain the never ending tragedy inflicted

Ranging from shots after shots to the heart and attacks misplaced only to find

What seemed to be the blows directed to the times we could never rewind

Spilling out all the joy there ever was filled within this cup of mind

Praying for a light to end the cruel times of the reigning dark

To end the struggle for joy and the burden of this dying star

And a wish for healing of the wounds that may leave us with a pretty scar

Seeking for a fresh start when the we cant find a break or pause

Bleeding through the immoral ways of the cause

Setting fire to the degree of distance we have come with settling scores

©KKP (Kwame Krakye Poku)


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