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Battling the Disorders

Updated on August 6, 2016
Anorexia is throwing up into the toilet 
Binge Eating opens the fridge door
Anxiety is hiding under a blanket 
Paranoia peeks around every corner
Depression is crying into her pillow 
Bipolar has been split in half
Schizophrenia is in outer space 
Post-Traumatic stress is having a bad dream
Obsessive-Compulsion is rubbing her hands vigorously with soap
Phobia is spraying bug spray all over 
Insomnia is chugging her 5th cup of coffee 
Stress is pacing back and forth
Then there is her

Seated by the window
A frown stretched across her face 
Focusing on the raindrops 
That tap to a beat 
She follows a single drop
As it trails down the glass
Forming a disappearing path

Turning away from the world 
She pads down the hall 
Entering the bathroom 
She peers at the reflection 
Held on the wall 
Dark crescents cradle her eyes
The red of her cheeks 
Drained by her lies
Her features ghosting white
Her figure shaking like a leaf 
With a shuddering hand
She cracks open the wooden cupboard 
Grasping the orange bottle
She stares at it 
Gripping it tight 
And smashes it into the mirror
With a loud "crash"

Pills fly 
Shards fall
Red paints the counter 

They are not her friends 
They are her enemies
They are the fire 
That suffocate her air 
They are the waves 
That pummel her care
The rain on her parade
The clouds that cloak her sun
The fog that falters the light
The dirt that stains white
Following her
Like a shadow

They whisper in her ear
Make her feel sick 
Place her head on a swivel 
Force slits upon her wrists
Juggle her moods 
Faze her back and forth 
From imagination
To reality
Claw open her eyes
Keep her thinking 
Oh so much thinking

She held up her head
Grasping her brain with both hands
She looks to the floor
At the colorful pills scatter all over
They call to her
Want to help her
Save her 
But she is to far gone


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