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Be Careful, Lest You Blame Yourself #2

Updated on July 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Waiting for the consignment to arrive

But none arrived at the time stated. He had

To give them more time, perhaps there was

Difficulties with the transportation section

But after waiting for days, with nothing

He decided to call the number on the receipt

He moved to the pay phone center and

Called but he was told by a velvet female

Voice on the other end that he was calling a

Wrong number, for there the company

Which she was a secretary for does not

Bear such name. He would say to them that

He had once talked to a man with through

That phone number, but the woman says he

Must be mistaken as she has been the secretary

Of that company for about ten years.

Then my uncle started sweating for he

Knows something was terribly wrong

He was counseled by his wife to

Travel to the center to locate the address

For there may be some miscommunication

On the phone, apart from that he would

Be able to straighten things out if he goes

To the company to see the administrators of

The company himself. Thence, he

Traveled to the center the following day

But on getting to the address which was on the

Receipt he discovers that the address was

A residential address, although there were

Companies like that in the area, but the address

Was perhaps one of the only residential

Houses in the area. When he discovered this

He fainted on the spot and was brought back

To life by passersby. That was how my

Uncle’s business collapsed and he became

A shadow of himself. One of his houses

Would later be confiscated by the lenders

When he couldn’t repay the loan to time

And there was accumulated interests on it.

My uncle’s business never rise again

Till this moment. Those group of fraudsters

Are those who have metamorphosed into

Another format in the wake of

Technological advancements globally,

And now those people are not limited


In their actions to some territories, but

They are operating on a global scene because

The internet has global reach. They are those

Who would send good and promising

Emails to someone else whose address they

Will claim they have harnessed on the internet

Or they will contact the person through

Their social media pages. They will use

Another person’s photo, phone numbers

Among other things to be sending messages

To the person. After gaining the trust and

Confidence of the person, they will present

Wonderful deal to the person. After the

Person has fallen into their traps and has

Wired money into their accounts they will

Disappear into the thin air, delete all their

Contacts and destroy their SIM cards and other

Things. Sometimes they will use original photo

Of the manager of the company to show

Their Genuineness. When those people they have

Collected money from through lies contacted

Those people or the company whose real

Image and website has been used, those people

Will declare they never know about the deal

When their photos are presented to them

They will say, since they are a public figure,

Such a photo could be copied and downloaded

From the internet and sent to people, after all

There are people who have claimed to be doing that

A female would send the photo of a male to another

Female that they know is desperate to get a husband

And after duping the person would be no where to be

Found again. When people insist that their photo has

Been used and filed court case against them

Such people would present solid evidences in

Court which would make them win the case

And they would claim damages for defamation

Of character and other things. This is what is in

Vogue now, and everyone needs to be extra careful

While dealing with people who presented

Sumptuous deals to one through the internet

Lest one has himself to be blamed at the end it all.

Be careful, lest you blame yourself

Don’t be overtly anxious for any deal,

Yes there are true deals, but no one can blame

You for being on the path of caution while

Perusing such deals and given it time.

If you lose one deal because of being

Cautious know that it is not designed

For you and your own genuine deal

Would easily locate you later.

Meaning of SIM- Subscriber Identification Module



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