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"Be My Perfect Ending", Book Synopsis and Review

Updated on April 22, 2018

Be my perfect ending - Book Cover

Be my perfect ending - Book Cover
Be my perfect ending - Book Cover


  • About the book :

Name - Be my perfect ending

Author - Arpit Vageria

Genre - Romance, Fiction

Language - English

Pages contain - 200

Published on - 28th December, 2017

  • Book synopsis :

The story starts with Armaan, a television professional, sitting on a couch and remembering his moments with Sara who left him few days ago.

It goes 5 months back....

"sometimes not every story has a happy ending. But is a perfect ending all that matters?"

Armaan lived in a flat with Rohit and Sandy, his flatmates. Sandy was totally opposite of Armaan. Armaan and Rohit felt that Sandy was keeping something from them.

On Saturday night while Sandy was partying with his friends, Armaan was rewriting his project as according to Sara, the new supervising producer, the script was not up to the mark.

Next morning, Sandy asked Armaan if he would like to join him. They both went to 'ZARA' and Sandy told him that he was planning to leave Mumbai and go back to his home town Delhi. Sandy also informed that his mother had been diagnosed with third stage cancer. He felt guilty for not giving her enough time and wanted to spend his days with her in her last days.

Next day after dropping Sandy at the airport, Armaan went to a beach and saw a girl who was exercising. They both hired the same auto while coming back. After receiving a message he was shocked to know that the girl was Sara and it was love at first sight for him.

Due to heavy rain Sara decided not to go to office but she had to complete the project she had with Armaan. So they decided to meet at a cafe. But Sara got busy with some other works and their meeting cancelled. At evening, Sara called Armaan and asked him to come over her flat.

After reaching her flat, Armaan discovered that Sara had invited other people from the channel as well. He felt a little embarrassed. He assumed that the evening had been incomplete and hadn't gone as per his plan, but it was still a icebreaker.

Sara decided to visit Armaan's flat and on that evening Satyam, Sara's ex boyfriend, came to her flat when she was about to leave. Satyam was married to someone else and Sara was not the kind of girl who would like to be a part of an extra marital affair. On her request he left with the 20,000 Rs that Sara handed him a few minutes ago.

"Many a time, we have so many things to say, but have no way to say them and we regret it later'

Sara met Armaan and said that she was not comfortable to stay in her flat anymore as it was of Satyam's,her ex boyfriend. For the first time after their break up Satyam went to her flat to collect the rent as he was the landlord. Sara decided to share Armaan's flat as Sandy was also not there.

Armaan dropped Sara home and she requested him not to leave her ever as he meant a lot to her.

Their conversation became frequent. One day Armaan tried to propose Sara but the phone disconnected. So Sara was not able to hear what he had said her over phone. Armaan also thought it was not the right time to propose her.

'If I would never tell her, she would never know. My love is secret and my love is eternal. Secret is eternal.'

After shifting in Armaan's flat, Sara went to a party with him. After returning home Sara indirectly proposed Armaan. Next day Sandy informed Armaan that he was planning to come back to Mumbai as his mother had passed away. Armaan was a little confused as he hadn't even informed Sandy about Sara.

Armaan didn't find Sara home when he came back from office. At late night he called Vikky and asked him if he knew anything about her. Her phone was switched off and messages were unseen. Vikky informed Armaan that she was last seen having a bad fight with Tanuj, her male boss. A was frightened about her safety as Tanuj was not a good guy at all.

After few hours Sara messaged Armaan that her mobile got switched off and at that time she was having her dinner with Tanuj. After Sara came back Armaan told him that he saw Sandy playing pros****** that night and he was worried for Sandy.

Next morning Sandy surprised Armaan by visiting him in the flat. He also confessed that he was being borrowed for one night as he needed money. Armaan gave him 30,000 Rs and warned him never to repeat the act again. He encouraged Sandy to do better things in life. Sandy went back and said they would soon meet again.

"The story of flatmates is all about love, memories, sacrifices, moments, fights, patch-ups, fun, laughter and a time which you'll never ever forget in your life. They will make you cry when they separate from you. They are the most amazing thing to happen in life."

One morning it was raining heavily and Sara was not at home. Armaan found her diary and read it which was subjected to Satyam. After many attempts Sara's number luckily got connected she was stuck near the Juhu beach. Armaan decided to join her in the rain as it would be fun.

With great difficulty he reached to Sara that night and Sara finally confessed her love for him. Sara walked down to the sea shore but Armaan was scared of water. Sara had never looked so happy in her life.

"Water, the darkness of the night and heavy rains- they looked lovely alone, but when together, it would turned out to be the deadliest of combinations."

Suddenly a gigantic wave dragged Sara far from his sight. He immediately jumped into the sea to save her. But they went to opposite directions. He knew lifeguards could save just one of them. To make the choice easy for them Armaan stopped his breath and took a deep dive in the ferocious tides. He knew that Sara would never be able to love anyone ever again and he knew that even though he was dying, Sara would always be his perfect ending!!

"If you need to give me that one last gift, would you please turn one last time before you finally go?"

The story comes back where it was started.

Sara is sitting on a beach and remembering her moments with Armaan. She knows she'll never be able to get over him. She knows that dead people don't return but she has felt Armaan's presence around her many times.

The story ends with a hint that Armaan's soul is always present with Sara and it watches over her. He encourages Sara that she should live her life.

Review :

'Be my perfect ending' is a simple and moving story of Armaan and Sara based on the busy and beautiful city Mumbai. Both are enthusiastic, charming and hard working. The story revolves around their affection, fighting their inner demons and their dreams.

They met in a filmy style and as the story progresses we can connect ourselves with it. It is a quick and emotional read with easy language.

I loved the conversation of Armaan with the landlord, Sandy's mother's part, the portrait of the characters.

The writer has tried to tell us that besides having our fun and entertainment we must give time to our parents also. Because they too need us as we needed them in our childhood. He has also showed the dark side of the television industry.

But there are a few confusions. We don't get any information about Rohit, the other flatmate, in the story. It was difficult to understand who was narrating the story actually. Sara's character lacked depth. She was an orphan but there was no back story about how she reached to that point in her life. Armaan was a television writer and he said that he had become a household name. But an Indian TV writer becoming a 'household name' is difficult to believe. Though the writer wanted to surprise us, the last act of Armaan seemed quite irresponsible. According to me, it lacked sincerity because no one from his family or her girlfriend was happy with that.

This story is a light romantic read with an unexpected ending. It was an average reading for me. If you like regular Indian romantic novels, you'll like this too.


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