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Be U

Updated on September 3, 2012

Be you

your own way is got to be a keepsake.

Trust your first conscience, success is just a key shape.

You don’t need nan soul to be clogging your only lead way.


breathe, think about your future days.

No need for them scabs get rid of those dead weights.

It’s said they hold you down and tug on the success rate.

Society is a germ you got to learn from what your eyes eat.

Monkey see monkey do is something that society drinks.

A chain reaction spreaded to the younglings through a hyperlink.

But that chain is rusted and confused with a lot of kinks.

You got Junior High teens thinking they need designer things.

When you got parents struggling over rent food and gasoline.

Think for yourself,

you got to hold your own.

Because the person you mimicking ain’t buying you a home.

God didn’t create you to portray a different role.

You was born by yourself mind body and soul.

You don’t need nobody to tell you how to dress and what to own.

Be you

be self and like your own.

Because tragedy is close not saying that it’s planned.

You don’t want to be on your death bed and start a conversation and.

All you can say is you succeeded as another man.

The moral of the story

Be you

not a hologram.

Example, I went through life surviving on a budget.

No name jeans cheap shoes in my luggage.

But stayed in the in-crowd friends came by the hundreds.

My sex game didn’t lack peeling brawds was nothing.

My mind state never changed it stayed on them ducketts.

Books was the future my gaupe never in question.

You understand

life is a choice, a junction.

On one hand you choose to follow and start running.

And on the other you to lead and make yourself something.

Peer pressure bogus real homies encourage conscience.

Cut loose damaged strings they only hold on for you to plummet.

Even Pinocchio decided his future was not a puppet.

Talk on your own don’t be controlled by the public.

Do yourself a favor,

Be you

Not a duckling.


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    • Nomadic11 profile image

      Nomadic11 5 years ago

      Thanks I appreciate it.

    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Interesting writing, Nomadic. I enjoyed the message to this piece. :)