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Beach Girls - Lost Love Ch 9

Updated on September 9, 2017
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My life is an open book. Each of my stories has a bit of me in them. I love to tell stories. Join me on my journey.


OK, now I think my face did burst into flames. You said you like me, but have never met me. I have to admit I look forward to our time on the computer, but I would like it better if we could have face to face dates.

So, what would we do on these dates?

Stephanie: I’m very fond of picnics

But you won’t go camping.

Stephanie: I never said I wouldn’t go. I said I was spoiled. Well in so many words.

What if a camping trip came with certain luxuries? Would you join me then?

Stephanie: What sort of luxuries are you offering?

Indoor plumbing with hot and cold water, LED lights, comfy bed, hot food, DVD player, radio.

Stephanie: So you have a winnebago?

Well no, but it’s an AirStream. The best money can buy. It just doesn’t get taken out that much.
I mean driven that much.
NO wait, used that often.
Please forgive me, I’m having trouble with words tonight. I have been busy with work so camping trips have been at a minimum.

Stephanie: LOL. I think this is the first time you have been tongue tied. How the mighty [insert name] … wait… we have been chatting all this time and I have never referred to you by your given name. I see you pop up on my computer under your nickname, slickdog90. I can’t very well call you that in public.

OK, LOL. My turn to laugh. I suppose it has never came up. When you contacted from SOULMate. I looked through your profile.

Stephanie: Well that explains it. I set up my profile when they offered a free weekend, so I was limited on what I was shown on each profile.

You don’t have to call me slickdog90. My mother name me Fredrick James. You can call me James, most people do these days.

Stephanie: Can I call you Fredie?

Absolutely NO. What am I, 3 years old again?

Stephanie: What about Jamey?

That is very girly.

Stephanie: Well is honey bear too girly?

Oh my, she is playing with my heart. Think, Breathe, Type.

So, is that now my official endearing name? Do I have a choice in this?

Stephanie: It’s very sugary. It’s too much, isn’t it? I was trying to get a rise out you. Did it work?

Oh something rose. Mostly my blood pressure. I’m sure I could handle that nickname in public. Slickdog is bad enough.

Stephanie: How did you come by that name anyway?

I got lucky but to outsiders it would appear that I had pulled some kind of slick move over on people. But back to names, really I don’t mind if you call me Fred, Rick, or James. I usually respond to them all. If you do pick a term of endearment, please use it private first.

Stephanie: OK, since we are sharing. There are rules about me you should know. 1. If I call you by your full name, you are in trouble. 2. If I call you a sugary term of endearment, I want something. 3. If I screech and yell help, I am in trouble and need a knight in shining armor to rescue me. FYI though I have been on my own for a long time now. I haven’t needed Prince Charming since I lost him 12 years ago.

Oh sweetheart, more sadness. It breaks my heart. No more talk of lost loves. I want to build love. So I’m going to list all the things I love. Out of that list, you tell which ones you love and then add your own. I will tell you if I can learn to love it. Deal?

Stephanie: Deal

Sitting on the grass with a blanket and wine overlooking the city, a movie and dinner, dinner with family, camping, candle light dinner, dancing, sleeping in late with a partner and then cuddle time *wink wink*

Stephanie: That is a romantic list. So what I love about your list, everything. Is that a polite online term, morning cuddle? I have lots of favorite things in bed. Depends on the dance though. I don’t two step very well or line dance. I took ball room dancing that was fun. Now I’m going list my favorite things, but keep in mind I haven’t had many opportunities to do them lately. Horseback riding, snow skiing, swimming, running obstacle courses.

Maybe I can get on-board with swimming and horseback riding. The others seem high risk.

Stephanie: Well that was the point, but like I said it was a long time ago and I did get a certain thrill out of it. So what would have to happen the night before for you to have a partner in bed in the morning?

Talking about it might be a little bit more awkward then actually doing it. I mean being face to face and enjoying our evening.

Stephanie: Do you end all of your dates with a roll in the hay?

I look for a certain amount of chemistry and connection. A roll in the hay as you put it, needs to be meaningful and tender. Yes, in some cases a physical need takes over, the emotional need should never be neglected.

Stephanie: Do you read woman’s magazines, because I think you quoted an article I read last month.

Those are the best words I can use to describe a night passion while abandoning logic and reason.

Stephanie: And those are spicy words. I may need a fire hose.

I will be your fireman and use my hose to cool you down. OMG did I just start some kind of role play with a cheesy line from a bar?

Stephanie: I almost spit water onto my computer.

OH NO, I’m so sorry sweetheart. I forgot about the time difference. You must be exhausted. I will come on here tomorrow and to see if you’re are online and I will try to catch the first flight out after I finish up my business.

Stephanie: I hold out to spend time with you. It’s not every day I have an opportunity to laugh so hard I almost lose my gulp of water. *Night sugar plum

That one is extra sugary. *Night sweetheart

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 coming soon.

Before you go tell me, if you think Stephanie knows who she is really chatting with.

Should she be smart enough to put the pieces together?

Will she care either way because of her heart?


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