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Updated on September 5, 2010
BeatSnake, rickzimmerman 2010
BeatSnake, rickzimmerman 2010

Here’s a hip daddyo to clue you in, man. Meet Sweet Pete the BeatSnake.

Pete’s wearing the classic early Beat uniform: shades 24/7, tight herringbone vest (so ‘40s drawing room, don’t you think?), wide-collar dark shirt with pale ascot (the turtleneck became de rigueur much later), wicked blunt, and a goatee nicely braid-twisted. (Lacking fingers, Pete does his best to punctuate his performance with regular and rhythmic contrapuntal tail-snaps.)

He’s also appearing at the classic early Beat event: a reading of outrageous, surrealistic, revolutionary and hypersexualized poetry at a dank and dark San Franciscan bistro, circa 1955. Appearing with him on the bill tonight are all of the great lights of the Beat Generation’s writers and hedo-exhibitionists: Roaring Allen Ginsbear, Jackal Kerouac, Eel Cassady, Gregory Horso, and the braying William Ass Burros.

Little do these great figures realize the tremendous impact they will make on the future of mainstream media! We have their words, poems, style and influence to thank for that immortal and well-loved television star Maynard G. Krebs of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis


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