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Beautiful The Poem.

Updated on July 18, 2012

A simple poem of love written from the heart.

Umhlanga, South Africa. Sun rise over the ocean.
Umhlanga, South Africa. Sun rise over the ocean. | Source


I’ve seen a magnificent sun rise in Africa
a silvery lake glisten in moonlight
tasted an exquisite tantalising mocha
seen new life born rejoiced in its sight

I’ve experienced the nirvana of mountain top air
felt the enchanting gold of an autumn wood
and heard music so beauteous in did ensnare
while bathed in god’s glory of the simple good

But to compare these to you is pure hell
for your very essence is blissful rapture
in you is divination a sensory spell
your eyes, your soul, your touch does capture

To me you are perfection personified
My glorious completion in you is defined.


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