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Beautiful and the Silver Arrow--Chapter 3

Updated on January 28, 2012
A side note: This is a design a friend came up with for me.  I now have it tattooed on my back!  But no one really knows what is it besides me and my friend.
A side note: This is a design a friend came up with for me. I now have it tattooed on my back! But no one really knows what is it besides me and my friend.

The third chapter to the story "Beautiful and the Silver Arrow". In the story so far, Beautiful and Eli have finally had a conversation and he was told that she is a cupid and is going to make him fall in love with someone. He still thinks he's going crazy and imagining things. However, Beautiful is in a spot because she can not get back home and she ended up pricking herself! What's going to happen now that she fell in love with Eli and can not get the Silver Arrow!?

Once again, constructive criticism is welcomed!

Chapter Three

"Why not Rose?" Beautiful asked.

It had been three days since the day in the library, and Eli began to get comfortable with Beautiful being around him. He found out quickly that no one could see Beautiful at all, which only made him feel that he really needed to see a doctor. Even his friend who was thought of as being psychic could not see Beautiful. But instead of getting help, he had just been dodging her arrow every time he went out.

"Why not Rose?" Beautiful asked again, sitting on the floor next to the window. Eli was stretched out on the couch, snacking on a bag of chips and reading.

"No." Eli put a handful of chips in his mouth to avoid an explanation. He honestly didn't have one and couldn't come up with an excuse to give. More or less, he also felt strange trying to explain to a figment of his mind his own reasons.

Beautiful crossed her arms. She tried to return home again the night before, but couldn't leave the city. Every time she tried, a gust of wind blew her back. Her mind was on edge since this had never happened before to anyone, and she had not seen another cupid since she arrived in the city. Glancing at Eli, she marveled at how handsome he looked. His looks were not striking, but had a comfort to them. Since he stopped trying to chase her out, she was able to observe him more and more and she felt her attachment growing. Quickly, she thought of something else to say to get her mind off of his looks.

"I'm only saying that you would make a great pair." She bit her lip after saying this. The pain in her heart seemed to swell every time she tried to do her job. It was no longer something that could be ignored--she messed up again and fell in love with her assignment.

Eli closed his book. "I'm going to bed." He left the room, placing everything on the table. Beautiful didn't move from her place, but turned her head to look out the window. It had started getting darker later in the evening and the weather was no longer as cold as it first had been, although she didn't really know the difference.

Just as she was about to look away, a pink light seemed to whiz across the skyline. Beautiful stood up and quickly flew out the window on her white wings after the light. She called out to it as loud as she could, trying to keep an eye on the light and trying to move faster. Beautiful continued to call out.

The light stopped and turned around. Beautiful flew up closer to it to see a familiar face. A smile stretched across her own face as the features of her friend came into view. "Angel!" Beautiful cried out happily. Angel waved back to Beautiful, her long black hair waving in the wind and her dark eyes shining.

"I didn't know you were in this city!" Angel cried out, giving Beautiful a hug as soon as they were near each other. "How is the assignment going?" Beautiful looked at her friend, keeping her hands clasped. The look on her face caused Angel to lose her smile. "You didn't do it again, did you?"

Beautiful nodded. "But that's not the only thing. I can't get back! I tried several times now and I keep on being stopped. Can you get back?"

Angel looked down, looking at the tiny cars driving under them. She was quiet for a moment before speaking again. "We need to talk. What place are you resting at?"

Beautiful guided Angel back to Eli's apartment. She thought that maybe it would be a better idea to go somewhere else, but she really didn't know where. And her feelings from her arrow made her feel more comfortable near Eli. It was something that she couldn't help.

Back in the room, Beautiful sat down on the floor and watched as Angel looked over things. Every once in a while, Angel remarked about something in the apartment that caught her eye, but mostly just waited for Beautiful to speak first. It was a strange quirk that made Angel force her friends to beg for information. Beautiful knew this well and had fallen for it several times.

"My assignment was hit with the Bronze Arrow," Beautiful started. "And he can see me. Every time I try, he dodges my arrow."

This comment made Angel stop in her tracks. She turned and stared at Beautiful in disbelief. "He can see you? Is that all?"

Shaking her head, Beautiful continued. "He can hear and touch me too. I can't figure it out."

Angel walked over and sat on the floor with Beautiful. "It may be because of that," she muttered before taking a deep breath. "The Golden Arrow has been stolen." Beautiful gasped. "Everyone is in a panic. Those at home can't leave and while others can't return. Prince is trying everything to send out a retrieval party. But our entire world is falling apart."

"What does the Golden Arrow do?"

"You don't know? Why are you even a cupid?" Angel laughed into her hand. When Beautiful objected, Angel continued. "You know about the Three Great Arrows. Bronze creates false love and is very dangerous for humans and for cupids. But because that arrow was stolen, false love is everywhere."

"But that happened years ago. I thought that Prince found a way to fight against the Bronze Arrow."

"He has a way to help relieve the pain without the Silver Arrow, but it's still a big problem. Your assignment knows that, even without being a cupid. The Silver Arrow takes away love, you know that very well. But the Golden Arrow is the arrow of all our power. We can not do our jobs for very long without the Golden Arrow. It gives us our wings, our arrows, and our home. Now that the Golden Arrow is gone . . . "

"But how!?"

"I don't know! All I know is that it's missing. I'm locked out of there too. But I could leave the last city I was in because I wasn't going home. I figured if I tried to find other cupids, I could spread the word. The more of us that know, the better the chances are of finding the lost arrows!"

It was a disturbing thought, losing everything that you were. Beautiful was so upset that tears began to glisten in her eyes. She couldn't go home until the Golden Arrow was found. She couldn't keep trying to continue her job until she could go home. She couldn't be a true cupid without continuing her job. Things were a real mess.

"Don't cry, Beautiful! It'll be alright!"

"No it won't! Nothing will be alright. Without the Golden Arrow, we are all finished! There is no reason for cupids without that arrow. We will probably just disappear, and I don't want to die!"

"We don't know that for sure. We may still live. You're jumping to weird conclusions."

"No I'm not!"

"Beautiful, what are you doing!?" Eli shouted from his room. The door opened and he stepped into the living room. He stopped when he saw Angel sitting on the floor. "Another one?" Eli groaned.

Beautiful wiped her eyes quickly and sniffled. With a smile on her face, she looked up at Eli. "This is Angel."

"My imagination strikes again. Get out of here. One is enough for me." Eli walked swiftly across the room and reached out his hand to grab a hold of Angel, but his hand went right through her. Eli stepped back and stared at the new cupid. Angel stared back at him in confusion. Slowly and cautiously, Eli moved his hand to touch Angel only to see it go through her again.

"You can see me, too." Angel whispered to herself, amazed. A small smile, barely noticeable, emerged on her face. "But you can't touch me."

"What are you?" Eli replied back.

Angel stood up and nodded to Beautiful. Quickly, she said that she would come again to keep Beautiful updated before flying off. Eli dropped to the floor, staring at his hand that went right through the cupid.

"What . . . the hell?"

"She's a cupid, just like me."

"But . . . she's not just like you. This can't be real, can it?"

Beautiful sighed, thinking of all the other cupids and how they were in just as much of a crises that she was in. She began to think that she may very well disappear, since this human could see and touch her. Tears welled up again and she fought hard against the stinging sensation to keep from crying.

Eli looked up at her silence. "Are you alright?"

Beautiful nodded. This was the first time that Eli expressed any type of concern for her. She hated herself for being so observant about every little thing that happened between them. Her palm may have become mostly healed, but the affects of the arrow made her want to keep him to herself. She wanted him to feel something towards her, but she knew it was forbidden. And with the Golden Arrow missing, there wasn't much hope for all cupids or for her. There was only one thing that she could keep doing. "So," she sniffled and wiped her eyes again, "Why not Rose?"


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