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Beautiful: who ? She or He ?

Updated on April 5, 2010

Beauty Or Illusion!

Beautiful: He Or She?

This hub is for my friend, with whom I have spent countless moments fighting over this trifle question, BEAUTIFUL, HE OR SHE! I am a woman so I always said “we are the fairest of all”

My friend has passed away and what hangs now is just the memory.. and this game (beautiful: he or she?). It is now so much a part of me that often I close my eyes and ask Beautiful: He or she? I expect my friend to answer … but its only sheer silence which hangs bitterly!

I have created this hub as a tribute where I tried to contour his thought.. the way he dealt this eternal question , Beautiful! He Or She?

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To find beauty amongst humans, you actually don’t have stand before the mirror and ask, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The answer is simple and transparent, clear to the all-bare eyes, if you look at Nature.

Who is more charming; the man or the woman? Since ages it is believed that women blessed with her beautiful face, with her batting of those dreamy deep eyes, with her mischievous smile, with her hour glass figure, her stylish way of moving, her colorful apparel and with the tinkling sound of her ornaments is far more enchanting than a man.

However, is it the masculinity of the man or the sheer femininity of the woman; which is far more attractive! This has been perhaps the most talked about subject which has created a tsunami of debate. Although it is largely believed to be the women but the fact is Mother Nature has made man more beautiful than his female counterpart.

To find the decisive evidence, one has just to look around at the palpating creations of Nature. Among the fauna – including animals, birds and even fish – we invariably find the male species more beautiful than the female species.

The male lion with its graceful mane appears more attractive than the lioness, which seems timid and pale. In the Kingdom of Birds, there is peacock; It has a long colorful tail which, when it spreads, gives a spectacular appearance. There is again a catch line! The peacock does not spread its tail to please you for feeding peanuts but to attract its mates, the peahens, which are smaller with white pale feathers.

Why go to a zoo or on a jungle safari? Merely look around the backyard of your home. There you will find a cock commanding over a bunch of hens. The cock with its tail of colorful feathers and red crown on the head is no doubt more beautiful than hens. If you have a bowl of fish or an aquarium tank at home, just notice the gold fish. The male species has long beautiful fins, which always attracts the onlookers. These selective few examples should be enough to prove that the male of any species is more beautiful than its female counterpart.

Among humans, why men are more beautiful than women? It is apparently because of their beard and muscular bodies which women lack. They’re at least three inches taller. Apart from his physical features, his bodily strength and bravery are his outstanding attributes. That perhaps explains why women take the help of artificial means to appear beautiful – like makeup, colorful dress, ornaments and now even cosmetic surgeries.

There are other curious facts behind this dressing-room drama. It has been found that a woman makes herself beautiful not only to attract men but also to make other women envious. A married man walk along with his dressed-up wife to make other married men envious. This also explains why women spend longer time in their dressing-rooms while men just have a peek into the mirror and adjust the knot of their ties if they are wearing them. Some even hate the mirror.

In brief, it is high time nobody went to the mirror on the wall and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all?” Because you already know the answer!


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    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Hi deepanjana, you have nicely put the comparison between the male and female! I just want to tell my own opinion regarding beauty; I think sexual thought plays a role in determining whether the person you are looking is beautiful or not.

      I am sorry for the untimely demise of your friend. May God bless his sole!

      A great hub, I enjoyed it!