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Beauty Beyond All Boundaries.

Updated on November 14, 2009


Beauty beyond all boundaries.

It's a taste of heaven,
here on earth
when two as one
know passion's burst.

God grants us
just a moments share
of this most glorious bliss.

The clasping,
grasping, sweet release,
much like the soul set free,
to touch the clouds,
and soar back down,
into the afterglow's
sweet warmth.

All creatures
share escaping from
lifes humdrum
lesser beats,
then flesh on flesh,
till both fall limp
from pleasures spasmed grip.

And often new life
does result,
but much more often
smiles that stretch
in such a lovely way,
for all eyes to behold.

This beauty
shared by all mankind
remains a vital
part of memory
till death brings
offers that exceed
this bit of sheer joy known.

Eternal happiness awaits
on higher levels
yet to be
savored by all
who writhe below.


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