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Beauty, The beast and The knight

Updated on May 13, 2010

beauty and the beast

beauty meets the beast
beauty meets the beast

Beauty, The beast and The Knight by Ayoola Bandele


The beast parading in his splendour

Princely adorned in his finest attire

Stilly searching, calmly seeking

A pricey prey to devour


The beauty in her pearly stage

Adorned with the greenest grace

Inside and outside purely start her journey

Solely given by her peers


The beast journeyed on the winding road

Subtly devouring the innocent and the naïve

The beauty appraising and embracing the path

Graciously and innocently meet the part


Beauty in the eyes of the beholder

Beautifully moulded and princely adorned

Windingly peering the path solely given

Where the beast make the par


Beauty falls deep in the claws of the beast

There is no way of escape now

The beast is the cleverest of them all and

Will not let go until the pearl and the grace is stolen


Beauty ensnared fights to get through

But the fights conforms to the beastly attires

Alas! The beast desires are coming through

To conform the beauty as the beast


All armours destroyed in the bid for life

Pearl stolen, grace lost, beauty lost in the hovel

The beast has conquered yet not finished

Legion has to come through for the final task


Beauty lost in debt and depth of soul

Heavily laden with garbage from the beast

Back aching, eyes sore, mind boggling

Beauty needs the knight to save


In desperation from the depth of soul

Beauty calls to the knight at night

A prayer of faith saved the future

The knight denies the death that kills the human depth









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