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Beauty is as Beauty Does - a Perspective

Updated on November 1, 2020
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Shauna writes about a variety of topics in various genres, governed by whatever motivates her muse.

Pretty is as pretty does is a philosophy my mom taught me from a young age
Pretty is as pretty does is a philosophy my mom taught me from a young age | Source

My mother’s voice resonates in my mind as I write these words. Actually, the phrase I heard growing up is “pretty is as pretty does”, but you get the idea. I suppose these words can be considered a family heirloom, as my grandmother said the same words to my mom as she was growing up.

Pretty is as pretty does. What do these words mean when placed in a sentence? Simply put, they mean exactly what they indicate. These words are the life philosophy with which my mother was raised and passed on to me. If you are kind to others, show compassion and love, you gain beauty of the soul. You exude all that is positive and beautiful in this world.

You've Heard it Before

You’ve all heard the aphorism, “beauty is only skin deep”. I don’t know where that came from, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Outer beauty is no indication of what lies within the spirit of the bearer of a pretty face and perfect body - or anyone for that matter. How many people have you met in your life that turned out to be ugly in their actions, words and treatment of others but look like they belong in Cosmo or GQ?

Now do you see? Beauty is as beauty does. Pretty is as pretty does.

When Did We Lose Sight?

Our society is hung up on exterior presence. We are consumed with outer appearances. Fashion is more important than nurturing our souls. Tummy tucks, face lifts, six pack abs, firm tight butts, hair styles and altering the natural course of aging have taken the place of being the best we can be.

When did society become so misdirected, self-centered and misaligned?

Why do people think erasing the evidence of a life of laughter through Botox injections is preferable to sporting those laugh lines with pride? So what if you’ve gained a few pounds. It happens. Has it changed who you are inside? Have changes to your body affected your soul and spirit? Have physical changes compromised your compassion? How about your ability to see the beauty in life and others?

The beautiful souls of my son and niece shine through to their faces.  The beauty comes from within.
The beautiful souls of my son and niece shine through to their faces. The beauty comes from within. | Source
Do you show your emotions or keep them boxed in?
Do you show your emotions or keep them boxed in? | Source

Let Your Soul Guide You

Beauty is as beauty does.

Beauty is not deemed by appearance. Appearances are deceiving. Appearance should be way down on the totem pole of priorities. Beauty runs much deeper than your façade.

I believe we all come into this life with a pre-determined amount of days on Earth assigned to us. I also believe our souls live for eternity. As such, nurturing our souls and those of others should be paramount in our everyday existence. What legacy do you want to leave behind? That you were a sharp dresser, perfectly applied your makeup and were the epitome of physical perfection? Or do you want to be remembered as someone who was a beautiful person?

More importantly, how do you want to be perceived in the here and now?

What are you doing to bring out the beauty of your inner being? What are you doing to help others see the beauty within them? Are you feeding your soul? Are you helping it to shine forth? Are you kind to others? Do you cry freely, laugh openly and dance when the mood strikes you? Or do you suppress your emotions? Your emotions are the voice God gave your soul. Let it speak. Listen to what it has to say. Let your soul guide you.

Please take a moment to reflect

Which is most important to you with regard to beauty?

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Absorb The Message

Beauty is as beauty does.

Absorb the message and pass it on. We can make the world a better place if we redirect our priorities. That means going inside yourself and letting your soul guide your actions. It means realizing that your outer self will one day be dead and buried.

And then where will you be?

What will you leave behind? What part of you will continue on after you leave this Earth?

Beauty is as beauty does.

It’s not too late to live a life of beauty. It’s not too late to see the beauty of life and all of its inhabitants.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Beauty is as beauty does. Make this your mantra and live life with all the beauty of you!

This is an Original Song by a Little Girl Who Heard the Same Words From Her Mom as I Did

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Shauna L Bowling


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