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Becalmed Hearts

Updated on October 27, 2010

Becalmed Hearts

You becalm my passionate heart
mellowing my desirious nature
you stir the romantic feelings
inside my empty vacant soul
you enrich my needful being
raising hopes for belonging
you tame the savage beast withn
stirring in my cores very depths
you show love for the wretchedness
thats existing inside of me
you changed the animalistic desires
into peaceful bliss filled love
you claim my entire heart and soul
for all these things and more
you entice me to be a better person
because of the love I feel for you

A marriage is...

As if from two different worlds
one is rain the other the sun
one the night the other the day

total opposites attracting others
one the turmoil the other serenity
one the moon the other the sun

existing calmly side by side
onethe east the other the west
one the beauty the other the beast

blending together in life as one
one the war the other peace
one the storm the other the calm

in perfect harmony they thrive
one like oil the other water
one the apathy the other the love

from two worlds blending as one
one the harsh the other the soft
one the tramp and the other the lady


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