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Because I Don't Know What To Write About:

Updated on February 14, 2012
Image by me.
Image by me.


So I'd like to preface this strange post with some history on my experience in creative writing. I know this website is generally for informative articles, etc, but I thought I'd try to break the mold and experiment a little. The one I'm about to show you is my most recent. Keep in mind, please, that I have limited experience in creative writing. Most of my work is pretty novice and I don't edit it a lot, but nevertheless it's something I'd like to share. So I hope you enjoy!

An Unexperienced Writer's Unexperienced Writing

Please, I can explain. I can explain why we're like this, I can explain how I handled this. Do you not remember, was it too many ages ago? Was your mind already shattered before you could recall? Or could it have been before you cared? Darling, I can explain my affections, my afflictions, this inexplicable addiction. I'm grasping for love but your blood's been drained out, and your heart has shriveled and I can't pump it back. Your hand is no colder than your lifeless expression and I don't know how I'm going to explain this. But I can explain this. Please, I can explain. I can tell you why you cried and became my bride. I can tell you everything and anything, something and hopefully nothing. Please, I can explain. The summer was warmer then you've ever been, but still my heart dove right into you. I knew I wanted you, and then I conquered you. Or your heart. Please, I can explain. I was nervous upon our first meeting, first greeting, first seeing. My breath was gone as you swayed to my side. Your heart was mine when I swallowed my pride. It was the soup that did it. You laugh now, you cough now, you dryly, harshly, chuckle now. But let me assure you, it was the soup. It was the slurping, the burping, and then the choking that made you fall in love with me. Please, I can explain. Oh, just let me explain. It was the silver chain pouring from your mouth and your shining eyes fixed upon it. It was your face, my darling. Oh, my darling. It was the glistening, the glowing, the gemstone of a jewel that fell onto your lap. That was what did it. That's when I had you, was with you, wanted you. I showed you what I wanted and you took it with tears, without fear, with me near. With me always near. I have always been near. I have always been here. It is then, my dear, that everything started. Every day we took to remember us, I reminded you of why we were we. I slipped something into your soup. Your bread. Your salad. You chomped, chewed, and chocked[Food references to show time passing] your way through our lives, and you smiled like the first time every time. There was no time you denied me, every time you desired me, and somehow never got tired of me. Please, I can explain. I can tell you our story, I can tell you our collision. I know you won't believe me. How could you believe me? I'd only deceive you. But I would never deceive you. Too many years have gone by without my bride, without her by my side, and without her I cried. I hardly believe you lay before me now, and I cannot believe how little you remember. Your love was so tender, and now you can't remember. Now you stare at me confused, infused with too much to force you to forget. Or not enough to let you remember. Our dying ember…please don't let this be our dying ember. Please, I can explain. I can give you your life back, I can tell you all of that. I can tell you again today, I can tell you tomorrow. I will tell you when you forget, so that my memory you can borrow. What is that you have found in your drink? A series of links, a faint gorgeous chink. A chain with a ring.


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    • NatalieSack profile image


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      The repetition of "Please I can explain" grounds this and keeps it from becoming too manic. I like the ending, too. Interesting piece!

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Smiling I liked this read. Very intriguing and actually intense. So much is shared and a lot was said. I see 2 - 3 - 4 or more hub ideas here. They are yours, I have one to write tonight myself. Thank you Anna for taking a moment to look deep inside, taking the courage to share, and having the willingness to learn. You are on your way to a wonderful adventure here.


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